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Redefine How You Live, Work, and Play With ASUS OLED Laptops

Oct.10 2022

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 3-4 minutes

A woman watches a movie by a laptop in dark environment. The only light comes from the lamp on the table. The OLED screen displays a vivid city night view.

Oct.10 2022

As OLED display technology is becoming increasingly common, you might be wondering why that’s the case. You might not be aware of what OLED technology is, how it works, and its benefits.

OLED screens prove to be superior to the aged LCD technology in many situations and moments throughout the day — whether at home, on the go, or at work. Let’s take a look at five scenarios in which you will be glad you’ve chosen an OLED laptop.

  • Perfect for Movie Marathon Nights
  • See Details You’ve Never Seen Before
  • Create and Edit With a Professional Palette
  • Motion Clarity That Creators Live For
  • Built With Healthier Eyes in Mind
  • Features That Prioritize Your Everyday in Every Way

Perfect for Movie Marathon Nights

Enjoy the highlights of your night − even in low light. Be it outdoors or a movie night in the dim setting of your living room, you can now enjoy high-quality, vivid viewing experiences at different brightness levels. Simply adjust your screen’s brightness without compromising on vibrant colors.

Designed for a cinema-grade experience, ASUS OLED laptops maintain high contrast and color volume. This delivers consistent color quality at both high and low brightness levels. Compared to LCD, ASUS OLED displays offer approximately 1.6x higher color volume.

See Details You’ve Never Seen Before

If you have an eye for the finest details in films and YouTube clips, the OLED display is the ideal option for you. On your ASUS OLED laptop, you can finally immerse yourself in more intense colors and contrasts on your screen. Uncover new details with crisp image quality and the truest possible blacks reproduced.

What makes OLED laptops a top choice among laptops for entertainment is their upgrade from LCD screens. Unlike the latter, with pixels illuminated by an always-on backlight, each OLED pixel serves as its own independent light source that can be completely turned off when displaying the black portions of each scene.

Two people watch a video on the OLED laptop and discuss about the content inside with each other on a sofa. On the screen there are two people, with light and warm colors in the centre, and dark, even black, at the edge of the screen

Create and Edit With a Professional Palette

The OLED laptops make for a perfect work companion amongst professionals and amateurs alike. Commercial designers, brand owners, pro-photographers, and enthusiasts in any creative field can expect to meet the highest standards of color accuracy on the OLED display, making it a natural fit for graphic design, video, and photo editing. This includes color-critical tasks, where every change in hue and saturation makes a difference.

Created with a professional-grade 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, your ASUS OLED laptop also features a PANTONE® Validated display. This promises accurate reproduction based on industry standards of color fidelity. What you expect to see in real life is what you’ll get on screen.

A girl edits the photo and see how it looks after editing on OLED laptop. A camera and a picture of CMYK color model are placed next to her

Motion Clarity That Creators Live For

Made with designers, animators, editors, and creators in mind, the ASUS OLED display elevates every creative project. Whether you’re hard at work or just surfing the net in your free time, the upgrade in motion clarity that OLED screens provide proves itself every time there’s a movement on your screen. Now, fast-paced movie scenes and gameplay will look smooth and effortlessly-animated. You are also finally able to enjoy scrolling through webpages and social media with close to zero stutter.

So who are laptops with OLED displays designed for?

ASUS OLED creator laptops designed with creatives in mind offer a full suite of specs for creative professionals in the media and entertainment industries. Some members of the OLED creator laptop lineup are now also equipped with the world’s first 120 Hz refresh rate and 0.2 ms OLED display, going beyond the stunning color accuracy paired with brilliant contrast and setting a new benchmark for unrivaled user experiences.

A girl with headphone and microphone is playing online game by both laptop and desktop simultaneously.

Built With Healthier Eyes in Mind

You’ve heard the warnings — computers expose users to blue light that is harmful to the eyes and could affect sleep quality. This is especially true if you’re using a laptop with an LCD screen. LCDs are designed with an always-on backlight, exposing your eyes to more blue light over time.

OLED panels, on the other hand, consist of pixels that light up and power down individually. Not only do they deliver supreme image quality, OLED emits 70% less blue light compared to LCD. This makes OLED laptops ideal as eye care laptops for worry-free nighttime screenings and for those who prefer to work overnight.

A person uses her laptop on the roof at night, which can overlook the whole city view.

Features That Prioritize Your Everyday in Every Way

The ASUS line of OLED display laptops gives you a best-in-class color gamut, with superb precision, ultrafast response time. It also offers professional-grade visuals that are highly effective for professional and creative work, as well as a true-to-life entertainment experience.

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