Get TUF. Game Tough.
Get TUF. Game Tough.
Event time
2023/03/24 00:00 ~ 2023/04/27 23:59
Designated models
TUF Gaming motherboards, graphics cards, all-in-one coolers, power supplies, chassis, monitors, keyboards, mice, mousepads, headsets, routers

How it works:


Step 1


Log in or register for an ASUS account. Complete all the necessary details required to enter.

Step 2


Kindly allow some time for the data review process

Step 3


The status of the progress could be checked via the membership website. 









Participating Products: TUF Gaming motherboards, graphics cards, all-in-one coolers, power supplies, chassis, monitors, keyboards, mice, mousepads, headsets, routers



1. Purchase the required ASUS TUF Gaming products during the promo period to be eligible for the promotion.

2. Register and sign up at the ASUS event site with your address, contact number, purchase or payment receipt/s, and serial number/s.

3. Amount of items are non-convertible and non-transferable to cash.

4. The ASUS Team will send in the item within 30 - 60 working days, once your details have been confirmed.

5. For items bought from official online resellers, we will base the purchase date on the earliest recorded date in the tracking waybill.


Promotion Event Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion – Get TUF. Game Tough. ("Promotion"). is hosted by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (“ASUS”).

2. Detailed information with respect to how to join and receive the ASUS merchandise in connection with this specific Promotion, ASUS Terms of Use Notice, and ASUS Privacy Policy, constitutes part of the Promotion Event Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). Participation in the Promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. ASUS may, at any time, revise the Terms and Conditions and other rules set forth by ASUS. You shall be bound by any such revisions.

3. The Promotion commences on 24 March 2023  and terminates 27 April 2023 (“Promotion Period”). The redemption period to claim will end on 27 April 2023.

4. The Promotion will only take place in areas included in the Philippine territory. Those who would like to participate in the Promotion during the Promotional Period, you acknowledge the following:

     4.1 You shall be considered an adult by the laws of the country where you reside in.

     4.2 The Promotion applies to the purchase of participating ASUS TUF Gaming products.

     4.3 Purchases from participating dealers within the Promotion Territory are allowed to claim. 

     4.4 The Invoice/receipt must state the date of purchase and a valid billing address and must correspond to local legal requirements.

    4.5 Purchase of Eligible ASUS Products and corresponding claims must be made in your country of residence only from participating dealers.

    4.6 This Promotion cannot be combined with a different ASUS promotion.  

    4.7 To participate, customer needs to register the serial number of the purchase product with highest value of one valid single receipt purchase only.

5.  If there is no status update of the end-users claim, you may proceed to email to check. Please input the subject as [Promo Status] Get TUF. Game Tough. ​In the mail body, include your name, delivery address, and serial/s number of the claimed product.

6. ASUS reserves the right to modify the Promotion details without prior notice.

7. Corporate/Commercial customers are not allowed to claim in this Promotion

8. You must behave in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and must not be in violation of any applicable laws and regulations. ASUS reserves the right to verify the validity of Your qualification at any time during or after the Promotion Period. We also reserve the right to disqualify You from this Promotion including the game codes qualification if the Terms and Conditions are not followed or constitute any misconduct for tampering, or suspicion of tampering, with the Promotion without any notice. Failure of ASUS to enforce any of its rights hereof does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

9. In case you return your Eligible ASUS Product, the Promotion claim will be canceled. Already claimed items have to be refunded to ASUS, plus an additional Php3,500.00 handling fee. Next to this, ASUS will take legal steps against fraudulent or abusive attempts.