[LCD Monitor] ASUS DisplayWidget Lite Introduction

ASUS DisplayWidget Lite is a software utility that lets you easily and quickly tweak settings or configure ASUS-exclusive features such as Shadow Boost, ASUS GameVisual, and more. 

System requirement :Windows 10 64bit


How to confirm the supported model?  You can check the product specifications on the ASUS official website. ASUS official website.

(For example:TUF GAMMING VG279QL1A)

A.Download ASUS DisplayWidget Lite

B.Install ASUS DisplayWidget Lite

C. Function description

   1.1 GameVisual

     - ASCR & Shadow Boost

   1.2 GamePlus



You can get the latest software, manuals, drivers and firmware at the ASUS Download Center.

*How to check product model : https://www.asus.com/tw/support/Article/565/


1. Download the latest Utility corresponding to your monitor model from ASUS Download Center. Enter the model -> Click Driver and Utility.



2.Click Drivers and Utilities -> Select Operating System


3.   Find ASUS DisplayWidget Lite and click to download.


B. Install ASUS DisplayWidget Lite。

1. Unzip DisplayWidgetLite_1.0.4.1


2. Double click setup to start the installation



3. Choose Next


4. Read the license terms and select [I Agree]


5. After the installation is complete, click Close.


6. After the installation is complete, double-click the ASUS DisplayWidgetLite icon on the desktop to start the software.


7. After opening the software, you can first select the language you need. Currently there are 21 languages.



C. Function Description

1. GameVisual

 1.1 Modes

  You can control the scene mode of the screen from the computer according to your requirement (GameVisual)

a. RTS/RPG mode: a mode suitable for playing real-time strategy games (RTS)/role-playing games (RPG).

b. FPS mode: a mode suitable for enjoying first-person shooter games.

c. Movie mode: a mode suitable for watching movies.

d. Scenery mode: a mode suitable for displaying Scenery photos.

e. Racing mode: a mode suitable for enjoying racing video games.

f. sRGB mode: a mode suitable for viewing photos and pictures on a computer.

g. MOBA mode: Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game mode.


*ASCR: ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio technology can enhance the dynamic contrast ratio of the display up to 100,000,000:1, and can adjust the brightness according to the displayed content.

The example is as following: ASCR is on/off.


*Shadow Boost:

There are four different levels of Shadow Boost, allowing you to see more details in dark scenes.

The example is as follows: In the game scene, this will help to find the enemy more easily.


1.2 GamePlus mode

It can create a better game environment for users when playing different types of games



a. The crosshair option allows you to choose the most suitable type to match the game.

The example is as follows:


a.  Timer: The countdown time can be set in the upper left corner of the screen.

The example is as following:


b.  FPS counter: It can display the screen count per second in real time.

The example is as follows


c. Display alignment: When using two screens of the same model side by side, turn on this function to make it easier to align the screens.

d. The example is as following: (Example: VG279QL1A)



Q1. How to remove ASUS DisplayWidget Lite?

1. Search for [Control Panel] and open it.


2. Click [Program and Features].


3. Select [ASUS DisplayWidgetLite] and click [Uninstall].