Case Study

    Prof. Alfons Hoffmann Primary School with kinder garden in Grodek/Szkoła Podstawowa z oddzialęm przedszkolnym im. prof. Alfonsa Hoffmanna w Gródku

    In January 2020 PRODATA company delivered to Prof. Alfons Hoffmann Primary School with kinder garden in Grodek a complete vCloud terminal laboratory, based on ASUS TS300 server. The school management considered various scenarios for modernizing the computer laboratory. After verifying majority of the technologies available on the market, it was decided to implement vCloudPoint terminals. Most important factor for the school was the lowest costs of the purchase in comparison with classic school computer laboratories or ones based on laptops. The overall performance of the terminal based laboratory does not differ at all from traditional, computer-based ones.

    Decision was favored by the fact that operating a terminal based laboratory caused a severe cost reduction. Terminals consume less energy which inflicted school electricity bills during the year significantly. Terminals are commonly used in dozens of Polish schools, which was an additional ‘for' argument. Laboratory has been working smoothly since the implementation, the installation itself was professional and smooth and ended in valuable training for the teachers in school on how to use infrastructure and work in new environment.

    Goals of the project

    The school had a computer laboratory but the equipment was already old and worn out: it did not meet majority of modern standards. The room needed to be updated using modern technologies, that would enable students to comfortably use the all up to date and demanding programs. New laboratory was intended to be equipped with several terminal stations leaving currently used monitors, keyboards and mice. Such optimization allowed to address the available budget for modernization the laboratory, needs of the students and the quantity.

    The core of terminal solution is of course the server, which resources are shared by the users. Due to that reason, it is the server, that has to meet the highest standards and provide top quality – those factors were guaranteed by ASUS Company.

    Server platform TS300 not only fulfilled all the requirements of school but due to its capabilities, will allow easily to expand the infrastructure and increase the efficiency anytime the needs of the users will increase. It will allow as well to increase smoothly the number of the users any time.

    Customer's opinion

    The TS300 platform is the solution designed for our needs. Mostly it provides flexibility in terms of expansion. PRODATA installed all the necessary memory modules and drives and due to the enormous possibilities of TS300 we will be able expand and increase the efficiency in the future.

    Robert Janiak

    High School Director
    Implementation details
    Number of workplace terminals: 15 vCloudPoint V1 terminals

    Server's configuration :
    Platform: ASUS TS300
    Processor: Intel Xeon E-2136
    Memory: 48 GB
    Drive: SSD 500 GB
    Drive: HDD 1 TB
    GPU: GTX 1050
    Software: Windows Server 2019, NetSupport School, AVG, GIMP, Scratch, Open Office, vMatrix

    Advantages from the implementation

    Comfort for the teacher - teacher manages the entire class from one place, can easily share files with all the students, assign tasks, tests and verify results. Moreover, teacher can preview at any time student's desktops. She or he does not have to walk around the entire room - sitting at the stand, one can watch that students work with the topics of the lesson, and do not focus at any other distractions. In addition, the terminals do not emit heat or generate noise.

    Financial savings - the purchase price of entire solution, was one of the most important factors. The vCloudPoint terminal based laboratory for the school is cheaper than a typical computer laboratory. Lower energy consumption - vCloudPoing terminals consume only 5W of power (at the peak of power consumption), which allows to significantly lower electricity bills for the entire School in Gródek.

    Less effort to manage system entirely – the server is one, thanks to which all administrative operations are performed on one machine.

    Data security - terminal server based on ASUS platform is well protected against attacks or data leaks, and vCloudPoint terminals do not store any data on them, so even if they fail or are stolen - the school will not lose any data.
    ASUS TS300 platform supports efficient NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards. A powerful graphic card was installed, which allowed students to use demanding graphic programs or stable Full HD streaming, even simultaneously at all 15 units.