In February 2020, Nordweco company implemented in our school a vCloudPoint terminal labolatory, based on a server ASUS TS300 platform. The laboratory has been working smoothly and efficiently since the implementation and the installation itself went without any disturbances. All our questions or issues met with fast response and help from the Nordweco side.

    The core of the termial solution is a server which resources are shared by users. This means that the server must always be of the highest quality. The best standard of the server was provided by the ASUS TS300 platform, which was perfectly designed for our needs. The most important requirement for us, was the possibility of smooth and uninterrupted streaming of multimedia content, as well as possibility to work in graphic programs. ASUS TS300 server platform supports powerful NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. This is of the utmost importance to us, because the properly chosen graphics card, can support the processor and take over the majority of multimedia processing, which has a huge impact on the performance of terminals. This is important if we want to play 15 FullHD movies at once, which in practice is played by one computer.

    It is also very important to us that the ASUS TS300 server platform can be updated accordingly to our needs and provides flexible expansion in the future. TS300 platform supports the newest processors, RAM memory and drives, both traditional and M.2, also provides additional Hot-Swap bays, the ability to create RAID and more. It is very valuable for us, to create the opportunity to expand the terminal environment and scale its performance, depending on the needs of our school. It is definitely a tailor-made solution that will last for many years. We thank Nordweco for professional advice and support at every stage of this project as well as after implementation. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we have implemented the highest quality solutions - vCloudPoint terminals based on the ASUS server.

    Julia Rusiecka

    High School Managing Director