Dyaco International chooses VivoMini UN42 for its advanced medical rehabilitation bikes


    Dyaco International, a Taiwan-based fitness equipment manufacturer established in 1990, began investing in medical rehabilitation equipment R&D in 2012 and has established an independent production line that complies with ISO-13485 medical device quality management systems authentication standards. It also collaborates with the National Taiwan University hospital to ensure that all monitoring software in development is fully compatible with existing medical systems.

    Dyaco is confident that the global demand for rehabilitation equipment will continue to grow and has plans to develop more products to cater to this sector.

    The opportunity

    With an eye on the Japanese market, Dyaco partnered ASUS and incorporated the ASUS VivoMini UN42 mini PC into its medical rehabilitation bikes. The company sees this as the perfect opportunity to acquire more clients in Japan and introduce its products into the country’s major hospitals. It also paves the way for its foray into the advanced medical rehabilitation equipment market.

    The advanced medical rehabilitation bikes commissioned by Dyaco’s Japanese clients are targeted specifically at large-scale medical institutions. These rehabilitation bikes require advanced built-in sensors and must be compatible with the Japanese version of the Windows 8 operating system.

    "The ASUS VivoMini UN42 not only provides outstanding performance, its overall procurement costs also perfectly suit Dyaco's production requirements. In comparison with alternative providers, ASUS offers high quality products and impeccable technical services in a league of its own. This is extremely important to Dyaco as we make our venture into the medical rehabilitation equipment market, and we foresee many more opportunities for further collaboration," said Mr. Brian Murray, CTO, Dyaco International CTO.

    The outcome

    With a volume of just 0.6 liters, ASUS VivoMini UN42 is only slightly larger than a wallet and is ideal for small workstations since it can be VESA-mounted on the back of a monitor. It can be tailored to various business requirements and can be specified with a range of Intel processors and Windows operating systems. A suite of computer and cloud management software also ensures easy and efficient data and system management and maintenance. Another plus point is VivoMini’s cost-effectiveness. Dyaco had sought the help of industrial-grade computer providers and found that the costs involved were up to five times that of personal computers. What VivoMini UN42 brought to the table was the quality and reliability of industrial-grade computers at a fraction of the cost.

    ASUS also conducted software compatibility tests and firmware updates to ensure that the management software was compatible with the Japanese version of Windows.

    Dyaco is extremely happy with VivoMini UN42, and has plans to continue its collaboration with ASUS as it seeks to ultimately provide more medical institutions and patients with reliable medical rehabilitation equipment at a reasonable price.

    The product

    VivoMini UN42

    Performance with style. Ultra-compact, silent Mini PC that's perfect for everyday home computing.