ASUS recomandă Windows 10 Pro.

    ASUS VivoPC X

    PC cu suport VR pentru divertisment complet
    Suport VR
    Pregatiti-va pentru Realitate Virtuala
    Suport VR
    Experiente VR foarte cursive
    * Castile VR disponibile separat.
    Suport Oculus
    Suport Oculus Certificat
    Preparation checklist
    Every Oculus Ready system will go through a set of preliminary tests to determine software settings are configured correctly, updates are working properly, and hardware responds accordingly. Oculus ensures that a user’s out of box experience will propel them into VR effortlessly and painlessly.
    Functional test coverage
    Applications rated in low, medium and high intensity are rigorously tested for an average of 30 minutes, ensuring that the frame rates meet an optimal user experience. Oculus has determined that 90FPS is absolutely critical for a comfortable and immersive VR experience and each Oculus Ready system must prove its ability to maintain this 90FPS standard.
    Reliability & performance test
    The system hardware is put through 17 rigorous performance and reliability tests to ensure the system is fully battle-tested. This includes a 72-hour application stress test, and the repeated swapping of hardware ports to ensure connectivity and reliability.
    Oculus Ready certification score
    After over 100+ tests and checks each Oculus Ready system is awarded a score out of a total 10 possible points.
    Suport VR
    Solutie grafica NVIDIA GeForce cu Suport VR
    Windows 10 Home
    Pana la
    Core i5
    Procesor Intel
    Cele mai rapide
    module RAM
    Ultra Rapid
    Suport VR
    Optiuni extinse de conectivitate pentru VR
    LAN RJ45
    Adaptor 230W
    Conector Kensington
    USB 3.1 Gen 1 x 4
    USB 2.0 x 2
    Conectori Audio
    Display Port
    HDMI x 2
    Casti VR
    Sistem Control
    Sistem Urmarire
    Tastatura / Mouse
    Suport VR
    Redare Video la 360°, tururi virtuale si multe altele!
    Sonic Suite — Divertisment audio foarte realist
    Performante grafice
    Imagini ultra-realiste la rezolutie 4K UHD
    Rezolutii 3840 X 2160
    Ecrane 4K UHD
    Performante grafice
    Imagini deosebit de cursive, fara intarzieri
    Performante de neegalat oferite de un PC cu volum de 5L
    Dimensiuni reduse
    Foarte usor
    Design elegant, compact
    Deosebit de rece
    PC Premiat
    Sistemele Desktop ASUS – Cea mai Recomandata Marca sub Windows
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