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A black ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock is displayed on a table.

Conectivitate 4K duala

Contecteaza doua display-uri 4K

A laptop is connecting to two displays via ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock with an HDMI and a USB-C cable.

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ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock is connected to a mobile phone and a display, via an HDMI cable. Both screens display the same racing-car gaming visuals.

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ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock is connected to a laptop and has a USB-C cable inserted in its own USB-C port, with blue arrows on both cable pointing from left to right.
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Transfer rapid de date

Transfera la viteze ultra-rapide

* Schema arata timpul estimat de transfer a 4 GB de date. Rezultatele reale pot varia.
ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock is connecting to a laptop, and its USB-A port is connected to an external hard drive via a USB-A cable. To the left, a bar chart details the respective transfer speeds of USB 3.2 Gen 2, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, as 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 17 minutes.


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A close-up, numbered view of the internal core of ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock cable and cable connector. The number one labels aluminum braid. The number two the coaxial-cable cores. The number three labels the USB-C connector.
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