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    Latest Dual Core Serverboard with Great Expandability

    Asus serverboard DSBF-D/SAS supports Dual Core Intel® Xeon® processors 5000 Sequence and Intel® 5000P chipset, which are able to improve performance and reliability. It's ready for the broadest range of 64-bit applications and be ready with Intel® VT and Intel® I/OAT technology to focus on high-end server market. With 8 ECC FBD DIMM slots, DSBF-D/SAS can support 4-channel FBDIMM DDR2 533 /667 up to 32GB, significantly improving the serverboard’s computing capability.

    DSBF-D/SAS has full ranges of expansion choices: it supports next-generation PCI Express x 8 slot (x 8 link) and PCI Express x 16 (x 8 link) slot; meanwhile, it protects users' investment with three PCI-X 133/100 MHz slots and one PCI 33MHz/32 bit slot, providing flexible options for server utilization.

    The serverboard supports mainstream or next-generation storage, including IDE, SATAII and SAS. It has integrated 6 SATAII 300MB/s ports and 2 mini-SAS connectors, both have built-in RAID functions for better and cost-effective data protection. It covers from embedded SATA RAID 0, 1, 10 with most Linux drivers support for value level market to SAS ZCR with RAID 5 for high-end market. It really benefits user with the best upgrade capability and data protection.

    DSBF-D/SAS Specifications


    2 * Intel® Xeon® processors 5000 Sequence processors


    Intel® 5000P MCH
    Intel® 6321 ICH
    Intel® 6702 PXH-V


    Four Channel ECC registered 3.2G/3.4G Fully Buffer DIMM, maximum up to 32GB


    1 * PCI-X 133/100 MHz (support Zero Channel RAID card)
    1 * PCI 32bit/33 MHz
    1 * PCI-X 133/100 MHz
    1 * PCI-X 133/100 MHz
    1 * PCI-E x 8 (x 4 link)
    1 * PCI-E x 16 (x 8 link)
    1*SODIMM socket for ASMB3-iKVM or ASMB3-SOL

    LAN Chip

    Intel® Gilgal PCI-E Dual Ports Gb LAN

    Board Size

    SSI EEB 3.61, 12" x 13"