Vrhunsko hlađenje i bešuman rad

    - Vrhunska efikasnost hlađenja - 7°c hladnija od referentnog dizajna!
    - 0 dB buke - uz bešumni hladnjak
    - HDCP podrška
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    Super Silent and 7°C cooler than reference design boards!

    ASUS Exclusive Innovations

    ASUS Features

    Superior Cooling Efficiency - 7°C cooler than reference design boards!

    0 dB: super Quiet heatsink design

    Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™

    ASUS Splendid:
    Watching movies on PC is as good as on Top-of-the-line consumer television (under winXP/2000)

    ASUS Video Security Online:
    Keep an eye on your home at all times no matter where you are

    ASUS Gamer OSD:
    Chat and overclocking during games

    ASUS GameFace Messenger:
    Easy instant massager and live game conference in any PC games

    Graphics GPU Features

    NVIDIA® GeForce 8600GT

    Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™

    NVIDIA SLI™ Technology ready

    Full support for Microsoft DirectX10 and Shader Model 4.0 enables stunning and complex special effects

    OpenGL®2.0 support

    NVIDIA Quantum Technology - Advanced Shader Processors architected for physics computation

    Single dual-link DVI outputs support 3840 x 2400 at 30Hz resolution displays

    I/O Specifications
    Dual DVI-I