Glide to a new mobile experience.

    • Innovative and interactive touch navigation
    • Powerful processor and speedy 3.5G connectivity
    • Easy GPS Navigation with Google Maps
    • Exclusive multimedia software suite
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    Revolutionize the way you work, communicate and play with the Glide-enabled ASUS P552w.

    Have the world at your fingertips with the ASUS P552w, the world's first PDA phone to feature Glide, an innovative and intuitive touch-responsive user interface that makes every navigational action—such as selecting, zooming, scrolling, and flipping—a stroke of genius. With its cutting-edge Gester technology, you'll be able to flip through your photo collection, tuck into the latest newsfeeds, or listen to the latest hits on the preinstalled jukebox with just a few simple flicks of your fingers. The ASUS P552w is a true mobile entertainment powerhouse, armed with 3.5G HSDPA (3.6 Mbps) connectivity for ultra-fast streaming and a benchmark-busting 624 MHz processor that enables silky smooth video playback. The ASUS P552w. Put your finger on pure power.

    Strokes of Genius

    Underpinning the ASUS P552w's revolutionary touch-responsive user interface is its cutting-edge Gester technology that enables you to perform a variety of navigational actions easily through simple flicks of your fingers. Incorporated into Glide are also applications that enable you to access a wide range of functions such as looking up the latest news, checking the weather forecast, viewing photo slideshows and listening to music with a just few finger taps. These applications, dubbed Multi-Home, Anytime Launcher, EziPhoto, and EziMusic, give the expression "the world at your fingertips" a whole new meaning.

    Unprecedented Processing Power, Speed and Connectivity
    The ASUS P552w boasts one of the most powerful CPUs (624 MHz) on the market today. Apart from posting exceptional Vsbenchmark scores, the ASUS P552w's real-world results are equally tangible—applications and games run noticeably faster and video frame rates are markedly smoother. The ASUS P552w also features 3.5G HSDPA (3.6 Mbps) connectivity for the fastest Internet browsing, file sharing and TV program-streaming experience possible. Furthermore, it offers Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b/g, GPS, USB and other connectivity standards to enable easy data transfers to and from other devices.

    Deep Google Integration
    The ASUS P552w features Google Maps* which not only facilitates navigation, but is capable of furnishing you with information on points of interest such as tourist landmarks, restaurants and noteworthy amenities. The ASUS P552w's navigation capabilities are further bolstered by a feature known as ASUS SMS Location Link. With this exclusive feature, users at two different locations can locate each other easily by sending each other SMS messages. Clicking on the URLs which are automatically embedded in the sent messages will link the phones up to Google Maps, which will then provide the users with clear directions on how to get to each other's positions. The ASUS P552w also features a convenient Google Search Bar on the Today screen that makes it easier to perform online queries.

    EziPhoto, EziMusic and Other Applications
    The ASUS P552w comes preinstalled with applications that allow you to get an easy handle on entertainment. The most exciting of these are EziPhoto and EziMusic. EziPhoto enables you to flip through your photo collection with your fingertips, akin to how you would with a real album. It also has a Calendar option which organizes and displays the thumbnails of photos you have taken according to the dates in which they were snapped, allowing you to relive those moments in chronological order at a single glance. EziMusic offers an attractive interactive interface—complete with exciting animations—for you to play and manage your music, performing each task with colorful aplomb. The ASUS P552w also houses applications that enable easy access to web content like RSS newsfeeds, YouTube movies and photos on Flickr, ensuring that you have a full complement of entertainment options to choose from while out of the house or office.

    *Google Maps is only available for the following countries: Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Taiwan, and China.

    ** Talk and standby time are dependent on the network environment and on phone usage.