Prvi tanki eksterni BG combo optički uređaj

    SBC-04B1S-U se napaja iz USB portova na vašem računaru. Sa svojim vertikalnim postoljem zauzeće vrlo malo mesta na vašemstolu. allows you to charge its power from USB ports on your computer. SBC-04B1S-U čita 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE diskove i piše 8X DVD+R/24X CD-R formate.
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    SBC-04B1S-U allows you to charge its power from USB ports on your computer. Its vertical stand is ideal for your notebook or PC and it allows you to enjoy high definition videos anytime and anywhere. It is capable of reading 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE and writing 8X DVD+R/24X CD-R formats.

    • Max. 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE (SL)(DL)/ 8X DVD-ROM(SL)(DL)/8X DVD+R/ 8X DVD+RW - Read
    • Max. 8X DVD+R/ 8X DVD+RW - Write
    • Max. 5X DVD-RAM –Read & Write

    Turbo Engine increases the connection performance between the USB cable and the external drive.

    ID Design

    It's elegant stand design and high glossy appearance represents its high feel of science and technology.


    TrueTheater High Definition (TTHD) turns standard content into HD-quality images on high-resolution displays.


    Disc Encryption allows you to password protect an entire disc or its partial content.


    BluTuner is a software that allows you to adjust the brightness level for the external blue light while reading BD discs and reading/writing DVD and CD formats.

    Easy to Use

    Easy drag-and-drop thumbnail layout for creating discs

    Compatible with a Wide Range of Disc Formats
    Bundle Latest CyberLink Burning Software
    TAO, DAO, SAO, Packet Write Supported
    Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista Supported