ZenFone 5 & 5Z Clear Soft Bumper (ZE620KL, ZS620KL)

Прозрачный чехол
  • Идеальная защита для смартфонов ZenFone 5 и 5Z
  • Предохраняет мобильное устройство от царапин
  • Приятный на ощупь, прозрачный материал
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ZenFone 5|5Z Clear Soft Bumper is a beautiful transparent protector that wraps around the rear of ZenFone 5|5Z to keep it looking pristine. It's precision-molded using a material that's smooth to the touch and invisible to the eye, allowing the beauty of ZenFone 5|5Z to shine through. It's also perfectly shaped for a snug fit, keeping your smartphone fully protected.

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