Превосходное сочетание изящности и производительности
    Изящный высокопроизводительный Mid Tower корпус
    Многоцветный индикатор питания
    Задвижки на всех отсеках
    Исключительный теплоотвод, позволяющий установить процессоры P5 на ядре Prescott 3,6 ГГц
    Четыре внешних 5,25", две внешних 3,5" и четыре внутренних 3.5" отсека.
      Product Image

      Stylish Bezel
      5.25" external bay tray in-out structure
      3.5" external bay and front I/O covered
      Snap on/off solution for quick installation
      Multi-color power LED as HDD runs

      Flexible Front I/O Option
      Back window with COM2 and key lock support
      Optional front I/O for USB and IEEE1394

      Good Thermal Solution
      Support up to P5 Prescott 3.6G
      Optional 2nd fan for upgraded ventilation
      Excellent cooling system with room for expansion
      2 new side venting areas dedicated for CPU and AGP in support of enhanced heat dissipation

      Solid Mechanical Construction
      Full EMI features prevent radiation emission
      Friendly design for fast assembly/maintenance
      C-curve design enhances mechanical strength and eliminates sharp edges
      Folded edge for safe device installation
      Space saving