Идеальное решение начального уровня для рабочей станции, домашнего или группового сервера

    Являясь идеальным решением начального уровня для рабочей станции, домашнего или группового сервера, ASUS AP130-D5 поставляется с пакетами ПО управления сервером ASUS® System Management Agent (ASMA) и ASUS® System Web-based Management (ASWM®).

      Cost-Effective Single P4 Server

      AP130-D5 adopts advanced Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.06 GHz at FSB 533 to bring users with high performance at reasonable cost.

      Affordable and Performance Memory
      Two 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 2GB, based on PC 1600/ PC 2100 ECC / non-ECC 3.3V DDR SDRAM

      Specific Features
      AP130-D5 has the following specific features: system auto speed down while CPU overheats; wake-up on Ring, LAN, Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, RTC Timer; Restart / Off Setup of AC recovery from power failure and so on.

      Stable Computing Environment
      Based on Asus unique thermal solution, the server provides stable and reliable computing environment for customers.

      Key Spec


      Intel Pentium 4 to 3.06 GHz


      Intel 845E & ICH4


      PC2100, Max. 2GB DDR SDRAM


      3 x PCI 32-bit/33Mhz Slots

      On-board Chip

      Intel 82562ET 10/100Mb LAN PHY

      Board Size

      Micro-ATX 9.6”x9.6”