The ASUS AP2400R-T 2U Rack server system delivers the requirements for a powerful value server market. 2U is the perfect space conserving rack server. AP2400R-T is the best solution for the space and cost conscious market. AP2400R-T has the best performance, reliability and expandability.

      The most suitable specifications without compromise

      Employing the 2U form factor to target the midrange server market, the AP2400R-T compact 2U server supports dual Intel® Pentium® III Tualatin processors up to 1.4 GHz, 4GB memory, dual Ultra-160 SCSI channels, dual fast Ethernet LANs, three 64-bit/33MHz full-size PCI cards, and up to 6 SCA hot-swap drives.

      Optimized Server Management

      Having the capability to support various operating systems (OS) like Windows® 2000/NT 4.0, Netware® 4.x/5.x, Linux® with HP® OpenView®, and CA TNG Framework®, the AP2400R-T system allows standardization and easy server management even when deploying multiple systems on remote sites. With the bundled ASUS Server Management software, monitoring system temperatures, power voltages, and component health status is significantly simple and less time consuming, because the software automatically identifies potential server problems. The AP2400R-T is also equipped with a "Power" LED indicator that makes it easy to isolate failed servers in multiple configurations from the front.

      High Reliability

      Compared with 1U servers, the AP2400R-T 2U Server allows room for redundant power supplies. Because data integrity is so important for data reliability, the AP2400R-T can integrate a high-speed RAID card to support RAID5. The AP2400R-T is more reliable because both data and power are redundant.

      Comprehensive Status Indicators

      On the center of the front panels are status LEDs that conveniently tell when problem arises from hard disks, fans, over-heating, or system power failure. The LEDs make it easy to detect individual failures to decrease trouble-shooting time and increase uptime.