With the growth in popularity of cloud services, companies are increasingly adopting an integrated approach to technology-based innovation in order to increase mobility, improve productivity, make communication more effective and fulfil social responsibilities. Long-gone are the days when purchasing IT equipment just meant buying computers — modern businesses have multi-faceted needs that require a systematic and integrated approach. ASUS provides a comprehensive range of products, all incorporating reliability, information security, and eco-friendly engineering right from the design stage, with exclusive technologies such as embedded security chips and energy-saving processors to ensure optimum performance. Founded on quality and innovation, ASUS delivers all your security, application virtualization, cloud storage, mobile office, and large-scale data retrieval needs, with a wide range of integrated solutions for all types of business.

  • Мобильная инфраструктура

    ASUS provides a complete spectrum of mobile business solutions, ranging from notebook, smartphones and tablets, to ultra-portable projectors, portable display devices and enterprise cloud storage...

  • Информационная защита

    The secure management and use of a company’s digital assets is crucial to business success. In addition to providing a secure foundation, ASUS creates more convenient and flexible IT systems...

  • Повышенная продуктивность

    An efficient and productive workforce is essential to ensure that a business can seize market opportunities and reduce time-to-market for the maximum competitive advantage. ASUS can tailor solutions..

  • Эффективная коммуникация

    Effective communication is vital to any successful business. ASUS can help you harness the power of existing network infrastructure to reduce costs, while improving both the efficiency...

  • «Зеленый» офис

    Забота об окружающей среде – один из фундаментальных принципов корпоративной философии ASUS, поэтому мы стремимся сделать наше производство и выпускаемые продукты как можно более безопасными с точки з