My Cinema-P7131 SE

    My Cinema-P7131 SE
    Complete Solution for Enjoying Analog TV Programs on PC!

    Whether you want to watch analog TV programs, My Cinema-P7131 SE can satisfy all your needs. By incorporating the advanced decoder and TV tuner, this card produces high quality audio/video for better performance and enjoyment. Combined with the useful utilities "ASUS Splendid Technology" and "ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology", the ASUS My Cinema-P7131 SE instantly turns your PC into a smart entertainment center!

    Key features:
    Watch analog TV programs on PC
    Record favorite analog TV programs on PC
    Windows XP supported
    "ASUS Splendid Technology" for better video color enhancement
    "ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology" for making private security system on PC

    ASUS "Splendid" Video Enhancement Technology
    Being an intelligent visual optimization technology, "ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology" will analyze the data read from the media and fine-tune the colors according to human's perceptive favor (Luminance, Hue, Saturation…etc.) before displaying the images and make the result more vivid, lively and splendid!
    Detailed Pixel Color Processing
    Human Sensitive Colors
    Dynamic Contrast Adjustment

    ASUS "VideoSecurity Online" Technology
    Private Security System That Provides Peace of Mind Wherever You Are
    It can turn your computer into a private security server. You can specify a particular area for motion detection and automatically sends warning messages when a change in the surveillance area occurs. ASUS VideoSecurity online can also stream real-time video to web browsers, record events into videos, take snapshots, or send out warning messages via email or phone calls when you are away from home or office


    TV System

    Analog TV

    Bus Standard






    TV input

    NTSC or PAL



    Windows XP


    Software application bundled


    To watch analog TV programs on PC

    To watch digital TV programs on PC

    ASUS Splendid Technology

    For video enhancement

    ASUS VideoSecurity Online

    To build private security system on PC