ASUS Premium Care

  • Hassle-free repair or replacement, including parts and labor.
  • Direct support from ASUS expert.
  • International or local repair coverage & support (depending on the extended service package that you purchased).
  • Buy it.
    ASUS provides extended service for:
    Product must be registered and extended warranty service must be activated online.
    The extended warranty service does not cover software, battery, peripherals, free accessories such as mouse or bag, and customer induced damage.
    International warranty services are limited to the available options in the country where service isrequested. Service options, parts availability, and response time vary with countries.
    Local warranty services are available only in the country where the ASUS product is purchased. Service levelfollows the service policy of your standard warranty.
    Purchase Conditions:
    Must be purchased and activated within 3 months of your ASUS product purchase date.
    This service can only be purchased in the country where You originally bought Your brand-new ASUS Product from an authorized ASUS dealer (i.e. retailer or reseller)

    Premium Care FAQ

    Why should I purchase ASUS Warranty Extension?
    With the ASUS Warranty Extension Service Package, you will enjoy extended warranty services after your ASUS product's standard warranty expires.
    When can I purchase ASUS Warranty Extension?
    ASUS Warranty Extension must be purchased and activated within 1 year of your ASUS product's purchase date. ASUS Warranty Extension will expire if you have not activated it
    How do I activate ASUS Warranty Extension?
    Step 1 : Become an ASUS Member
    Go to ASUS Member Site and sign up to become an ASUS member. If you are already an ASUS member, proceed to Step 2.
    Step 2 : Register your product
    Login to the ASUS Member Site and click " Product Registration " on the left side menu. Please fill in the form with the relevant details of your ASUS product. If you have already registered your product, proceed to Step 3.
    Step 3 : Activate Your Extended Service
    Click " Warranty Extension Activation " on the left side menu and follow these instructions:
    (1) Select the registered product for which you want to get an extended warranty service.
    (2) Key in the Contract Code and Password.
    (3) Click Submit to complete the process.

    Contact ASUS:

    If you have any question about ASUS premium care, you can make a contact with us through Phone or Mail .