AP1710-E1 har stöd för den dubbla-Xeon (Nocona) plattormen med 800MHz FSB och 1MB inbyggt L2 cache för att klara att hantera de mest prestanda intensive applikationerna. Tack vare Intel EM64T kretsuppsättning, kan AP1710-E1 köra både 32-bitars och 64-bitars programvaror, vilket möjliggör uppgradering till 64-bitars datorkraft och samtidigt utnyttja investeringar i befintliga 32-bitars applikationer.
      ASUS Introduces Pedestal Server with Today's Technology to
      Fulfill Tomorrow's Needs

      Today's Technology, Tomorrow's Needs
      The AP1710-E1 supports the dual-Xeon (Nocona) platform and features 800MHz FSB with built-in 1MB L2 cache to handle the most performance-intensive applications. With the Intel EM64T chipset, the AP1710-E1 runs both 32-bit and 64-bit software programs, providing the versatility to upgrade to 64-bit computing while still able to enjoy investments made on current 32-bit applications.

      Best Platform for Memory stability and reliability
      Not only being capable of ECC, the AP1710-E1 also supports registered memory. Registered modules add the system scalability, reliability, and stability. For the capacity, the AP1710-E1 supports up to 16GB capacity, while 4GB modules are available.

      The Most Stable Storage Solution within the Smallest Space
      With size of 431mm(H) x 220mm(W) x 510mm(D), the AP1710-E1 is just like a normal PC and can be placed on users' desk. Within the small space, the AP1710-E1 can provide up to eight hot-swappable hard disk bays. Users can choose up to eight SCSI hard disk drives as the stable storage solution for the enterprise.

      Redundant Power Supply
      Except for 600W single power supply, the AP1710-E1 also provides 600W 2+1 redundant power supply solution, which means three 300W power supply modules, to ensure enterprises' power protection. Moreover, the 2+1 solution consisted from three 300W power supply modules can save more cost compared with 1+1 solution.

      Specification summary:
      Processor: Dual IntelR Xeon with 800MHz FSB
      Chipset: IntelR E7320 MCH, IntelR 6300ESB ICH
      Memory: Dual-Channel PC2700 ECC Registered up to 16GB while 4GB modules available
      Expansion: 1 x PCI Express x8 slot 98P (x4 link), 2 x PCI 32bit/33MHz, 2 x PCI-X 64bit/66MHz (one is occupied by U320 SCSI controller when choosing SCSI solution)
      Onboard LAN: 1 x Broadcom BCM5721 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
      1 x Broadcom BCM5705E PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller
      HDD bays: 4 or 8 x hot-swappable SCSI HDD bays, 4 x internal HDD bays
      * Optional: HDD UPGRADE KITS
      Dimension: 431mm(H) x 220mm(W) x 510mm(D)