WL-500g Deluxe

    WL-500g Deluxe

    High Speed 802.11g –Afterburner technology

    Bästa kommunikationsprestandan – upp till 35 % snabbare än vanlig 802.11g standard

    Best real world throughput performance up to 35% faster than standard 802.11g

    High Speed 802.11g – Afterburner technology
    Asus WL-500g Deluxe adopts Afterburner throughput enhancement technology which increases throughput performance by further overhead reduction and improved frame bursting technology.

    Completely 802.11b/g compliant
    Asus high Speed 802.11g also meets the trendy bandwidth-intensive applications.To achieve best performance, we highly recommend you choose Asus WL-100g Deluxe wireless card.

    The Smartest Wireless Router in the world
    ASUS proudly announce the smartest WLAN Router in the world, WL-500b/g/g Deluxe. It provides all WLAN Router function, including DHCP server, IP sharing, SPI/NAT Firewall, VPN pass through, etc . To ensure WLAN security, it also provides strong WPA and unique WLAN firewall, to protect the data from WLAN. This smart and revolutionary solution also incorporated convenient plug-and-share functions through the USB interface. It also provides powerful WDS function, easily let user to setup WLAN environment in home, SOHO and office.
    Not only a simple router to share Internet, the unique Plug-n-Share functions allow users to set up FTP server, webcam server and printer server. You don't need your computer to run all day long any more.
    More fun, richer in functionality , only plug and share with all your friends all over the world. Just in ASUS

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