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I/O Ports
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C-utgång för datorers sidoport (10Gbps / DP1.4 / output: upp till 85W)
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port (10Gbps / 5V 0.9A)
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port (input :PD 100W / DP1.4 / 5Gbps / 5V 0.9A)
1 x HDMI 2.0 with a maximum output resolution of 3840x2160 @60Hz, FHD @144Hz
1 x RJ-45 (Gigabit) port
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port (10Gbps/5V 1.5A)
Stöder användning av HDMI och USB-C samtidigt med en upplösning på 4K vid 30 Hz
Model Name
AC100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz 1,5 A
Video Resolution
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 800*600 (4:3)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 1024*768 (4:3)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 1280*720 (16:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 1280*800 (16:10)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 1920*1080 (16:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 1920*1200 (16:10)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 3840*2160 (16:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 720*480 (16:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2048*1080 (17:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2048*1536 (4:3)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2560*1080 (21:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2560*1440 (16:9)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2560*1600 (16:10)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 2560*2048 (5:4)
HDMI enkel extern utgång: 3200*2400 (4:3)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 800*600 (4:3)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1024*768 (4:3)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1280*800 (16:10)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 720*480 (16:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1280*720 (16:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1920*1080 (16:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1920*1200 (16:10)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 1920×1080 (16:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2048×1080 (17:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2048×1536 (4:3)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2560×1080 (21:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2560×1440 (16:9)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2560*1600 (16:10)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 2560*2048(5:4)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 3200*2400 (4:3)
USB-C enkel extern utgång: 3840×2160 (16:9)
OS Support
Windows® 10
DC 19,0 V / 4,74 A
Cable Length
15 cm
Output Cable:160 cm Power Cord:90 cm
Total Output
90 W
DC Plug
Ø 4,0 mm
Ø 4,5 mm
Ø 5,5 mm
98 g
227.2g±2.5% g (w/o power cord)
104*45*14 mm
75(L)*75(W)*28.8(H) mm
Plastic, Metal
Please use Premium High Speed HDMI® or Ultra High Speed HDMI® certificated cable and USB-IF certificated USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C(USB 3.2 Gen 2 1T1R + DP 1.4 (8.1Gbit/s * 2 Lanes) + USB 2.0) cable for the best compatibility.
Power cord is included according to different countries.
Package Contents
Adapter*1, Power cord*1, DC plug*3, Booklet*1
Compatible Model
K413EA, R417YA, A5401WR-R55500BP, A5401WR-R75700BP, A5401WR-R75700LU, A5401WR-R75700YP, M3400WU, V161GART, K3500PA, B1400CEAE, B1500CEAE, BR1100CKA, D515UA, E410KA, E410MA, P1511CJA, S533EQ, X415MA, X515JA, X515MA, R564DA, X512DA, D509DA, X409MA, E510MA, X509JA, M433IA, D413IA, M413IA, E210MA, D413DA, UM433IQ, M533IA, S433EQ, S433EA, X413EA, TM420IA, M513IA, D513IA, TP470EA, S533EA, S513EA, X513EA, X415JA, Y1411CDA, D515DA, Y1511CDA, M433UA, M413UA, M533UA, M513UA, X415EA, X712EA, X515EA, P1511CEA, D415UA, TM420UA, E210KA, P2451FA, BR1100FKA, V241EAK, M5401WUAT, M5401WUAK, X507MA, L203MA, UX433FA, X512FA, X712FA, X412FA, S533FA, S531FL, X403FA, S533FL, R424DA, X412DA, X512FL, UM462DA, UX434FLC, X409FA, X509FA, UX534FTC, UX534FAC, P1410CDA, P1510CDA, UX481FL, UM433DA, D712DA, S433FL, S433FA, X509MA, P1410CJA, P1510CJA, X403JA, P5440FA, P3540FA, V241FAK, M241DAK, PN50/PN51/PN50-E1/PN51-E1 *R7 CPU SKU, PN62/PN62S/PN61/PN61T *Thunderbolt sku, PB62 *35W,below i7 CPU, PB61V *35W i5 only, PB60/PB60V *i7 CPU, PB50, VC66-C *below i7 CPU, VC65-C, VC65-C1, X510UA, S406UA, X505BA, X510UN, E402WA, X540UA, X507UA, X407UA, A407MA, UX331UAL, R504ZA, X505ZA, K530UA, F540MA, E203MA, L406MA, X407UF, UX362FA, S330UN, S330UA, UX433FN, BX433FA, UX333FN, X420FA, S530FN, S530FA, K530FA, UX331FAL, S430FA, P1504FA, S330FN, S330FA, P1402FA, S531FA, S431FA, X412FL, E402YA, UX334FL, X509FL, X409FL, TP412FA, V241ICGK, V222GAK, E402NA, X541UA, UX310UA, X540YA, X555QG, AH001, UX410UA, X541NA, BX430UA, E203NA, X542UA, A542UA, F542UA, X510UQ, S510UA, V510UA, K510UA, X505BP, X542UN, S410UQ, A411UA, X411UA, UX430UN, S510UN, UX331UN, UX331UA, F540UA, F540NA, A507UA, UX310UF, UX410UF, S530UA, S530UN, X542UF, X510UF, S510UF, X540UB, C202SA, E406MA, F412DA, F512DA, F512FA, F512JA, F513IA, F515EA, F515JA, J401MA, K413EQ, K513EQ, K712EA, L210MA, L402YA, L410MA, L510MA, M413DA–WS51, M415UA, M509DA, M515UA, M712DA, R420MA, R540SA, R541NA, R543MA, R564JA, R565MA, S333EA, S333JA, S413UA, S512FL, S513IA, S513UA, S532EQ, S532FA, S532FL, S712FA, S712JA, S712UA, TP202NA, TP203NA, TP401MA, TP410UA, TP412UA, TP470EZ, UM325UA, UX331FA, UX334FLC, UX434FL, UX481FA, W202NA, X543MA, X555DA, E203NAH, E406NA, E510KA, M1402YA, M1502YA, M1503YA, M1702YA, M1703YA, M3400QA, M3401QA, M3401UA, M3500QA, M7600QA, TP1400KA, TP1401KA, TP203MA, TP300UA, TP420IA, TP420UA, TP501UA, TP501UB, UM6702RA, UP6502ZA, UX305FA, UX334FA, UX431DA, UX431FA, UX431FL, UX434DA, UX434FA, UX434FAW, UX434FQ, UX434IQ, UX462DA, UX463FA, UX463FL, UX534FA, UX562FA, UX562FDX, UX562FN, UX562IA, UX562IQ, UX562UG, X1402ZA, X1403ZA, X1502ZA, X1503ZA, X1603ZA, X1702ZA, X1703ZA, X321EA, X321JA, X321JP, X321JQ, X3400PA, X3500PA, X409BA, X409DA, X409FB, X409FJ, X409JA, X409JB, X409JP, X412DK, X412FJ, X412UA, X415DA, X415EP, X415FA, X415JF, X415JP, X415KA, X415UA, X421DA, X421EA, X421EP, X421EQ, X421FA, X421FF, X421FL, X421FP, X421FQ, X421IA, X421JA, X421JF, X421JP, X421JQ, X421UA, X431FA, X431FL, X432FA, X432FL, X441BA, X441MA, X441UA, X441UB, X509BA, X509DA, X509DJ, X509FB, X509JB, X509JG, X509JP, X509UA, X509UB, X510QA, X512JA, X512JF, X512JP, X512UA, X512UB, X512UF, X513EP, X513EQ, X513FA, X513FF, X513FP, X513IA, X513UA, X515DA, X515EP, X515FA, X515JF, X515JP, X515KA, X515UA, X521EA, X521EQ, X521FA, X521FL, X521IA, X521JQ, X521UA, X531FA, X531FL, X532EQ, X532FA, X532FL, X540BA, X540BP, X540MA, X540MB, X540NA, X541SA, X545FA, X545FB, X545FJ, X5500EA, X5500EG, X555DG, X555LA, X555LD, X555LI, X556UQ, X705BA, X705MA, X705QA, X705UA, X712DA, X712DK, X712EQ, X712FB, X712JA, X712UA, X7400PA