ASUS SBW-06D2X-U - portable 6X Blu-ray slim burner with M-DISC support for lifetime data backup and Windows and Mac OS compatibility
  • M-DISC provides archival-quality storage to protect your precious photo, video and data for 1,000 years or more (supporting after manufacture date 2017/March, firmware update required)
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • Detachable stand to save your space
  • Nero BackItUp provides the full backup solution for your valuable photo, video, document and data with one click. (Windows OS)
  • Disc encryption in highest security standards with password control and encoded file name functionality (Windows OS)
  • Free unlimited ASUS Webstorage for 12 months
ASUS SBW-06D2X-U side view, tilted 45 degrees

ASUS SBW-06D2X-U external blu-ray writer product photo

BDXL™ Format Support

Allows users to burn huge amounts of data on a single Blu-ray disc, up to 100GB on BD-R(TL), and 128GB on BD-R(QL)

ASUS SBW-06D2X-U supports BDXL disc.

The Best Burning Quality

Auto Tuning Power technology ensures optimized power to burn a disc with the best quality

3-step of best burning quality.

6X Blu-ray High Speed

Support 6X Blu-ray writing

ASUS SBW-06D2X-Uprovides 6X high-speed Blu-ray burning.

Double the Security On-the-Go

Disc Encryption II doubles the security with password-controls and hidden-file function, protecting important user data

ASUS SBW-06D2X-U has dual security mechanism with password control and hidden file function.


Friendly interface with only three simple steps to burn a disc, making the process easier than ever

Easy 3-step of drag and burn.

Flexible Dual Positioning

Vertical and horizontal two-way placement

Vertical and horizontal two-way placement of ASUS SBW-06D2X-U

Award Winning Design

The 2011 iF Design Award product design is inspired from miniaturized architectual forms, using elegant squared lines and a unique stand

ASUS SBW-06D2X-U award winning design
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