[Notebook] MyASUS - Customer Support

1.[System Diagnosis]

Here you can check CPU load, Fan load(Fan Dust Removal), memory usage and hard disk space.

The System Diagnosis tool helps the user to identify any problems that are encountered reports the sources of the issues, and provides instant suggestions. It also helps our customer service representatives to identify problems

quickly and accurately if your device needs repairing.

①Select the part which you want to check ②Click [Checkup].

It is checking.

Here is the result.

More information, you can refer to here.

2. [LiveUpdate]

For the critical situation, MyASUS provide [Essentials] to help user update and install the software smoothly. Then, users can enjoy the latest software services.

LiveUpdate daily scans the latest and customized updates. Users can get the software update, including BIOS, Drivers and Firmware.

You can also select the type which you want here.

When you select below item, it will show the latest version updates available with the little red dot as below shown.

Notice: Reinstalling the operating system would probably cause the loss of some drivers in Device Manager and MyASUS might not be able to compare the version number. This would make it show "no update available" on MyASUS.If you want to find the list of drivers compatible to this machine, please cancel the check of [Show the latest version updates available], or confirm that there are no unknown devices in the device manager in advance.

3. Switch & Recovery

You can refer to here.


4. [FAQ]

Here will show some FAQ for MyASUS and the model you are using.


5. [Repair service]

Repair status: you can check the repair status using RMA number or product S/N.

Repair center: it will show all repair centers in your country.

6. [Contact ASUS]

Click contact ASUS and select your product.

Choose the category of the problem.

You could see the related FAQ articles or use different methods to contact ASUS.


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