[Desktop Chassis] TUF Gaming GT502 ARGB Light board disassembly and assembly precautions

1. Please, wear gloves to protect your hands before disassembling and assembling, and pay attention to the corners of the parts to avoid scratches.
2. When the side panel is made of glass, please handle it with care when disassembling the side panel of the case to avoid collision/fall/stress.
3. When disassembling, please lay the casing flat on a flat surface to prevent the side panel from falling during disassembly and assembly.


Tools required

  • Phillips screwdriver PH2



1. Open and remove the right side panel.


2. Remove the HDD bracket by removing the 2 screws.


3. Remove the 2 screws on the ARGB light board.


4. Removable ARGB Light Board.