ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

Computer Classroom

Routine maintenance is a perennial problem for computer classroom administrators. When there are dozens to hundreds of computers to maintain, the job is made unnecessarily difficult without adequate management resources or the benefits of tool-free, modular product design.

ASUS helps space planning for computer classrooms by offering a wide selection of form factors and designs in desktop PCs and LCD monitors. Managers can use ASUS management tools to perform software updates and maintenance. Intel® vPRO™ technology enables remote management and asset inventory, making it easy to keep systems up to date.

To make hardware maintenance simpler, ASUS desktop computers have a tool-free chassis and a modular internal design that allows for easy repairs and upgrades. Thanks to unsurpassed after-sales service and comprehensive spares availability, your computer classrooms can be kept running optimally at all times.

The attention to detail and after-sales service that ASUS brings to computer classrooms are second to none in the industry. Regardless of the model or type of device, each benefits from the full support of the ASUS after-sales service. The goal is to provide computer classrooms with the fastest and most considerate maintenance service available. ASUS takes pride in bringing a peace of mind to your campus.

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