ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.



    Stay cool with metallic chic

    • IceCool Technology keeps the palm rest area cool, placing heat-producing components away from users.
    • Enhanced multitasking and mobile computing capabilities with AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 graphics.
    • Palm Proof Technology prevents accidental input.
    • Power4Gear automatically adjusts fan speeds for quiet computing and prolonged battery life.
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    Luxurious textures in an elegant color scheme set a great mood for better computing. Equipped with the latest AMD Brazos dual core processors, the ASUS K Series delivers unmatched mobile performance in its class for both work and play. The 14’’ (1366 x 768) LED backlit screen plays smooth full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) movies with AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 graphics featuring DirectX® 11 with HDMI output. Exclusive ASUS IceCool technology keeps palm rests chilled so the notebook stays comfortable even during lengthy sessions, just as palm proof detection prevents accidental typing and cursor moves for complete confidence. The ASUS K Series also comes with Altec Lansing® speakers with SRS premium surround sound for an exciting multimedia experience.

    Stylish and durable

    Domino Collection infusion design

    Resists scratching, and looks sleek even after extended use

    Enjoy an expressive combination of technology and style with innovative ASUS infusion engineering, a cutting edge manufacturing process used to produce uniquely-designed notebook surfaces, inlaid within the chassis itself. Motifs are an integral part of the notebook, and will not fade with time, as infusion surfaces also provide a new level of resilience, resisting scratches while looking sleek and fantastic even during prolonged use.

    Ultimate performance

    Incredible processing power for accelerated visuals

    AMD Radeon™ GPU with DirectX® 11

    The ASUS K43U with its AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 GPU plays smooth full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) video over HDMI to any compatible LCD TV. DirectX® 11 tessellation renders 3D objects in even more realistic detail than ever before.

    Prolonged battery life

    ASUS Power4Gear quiet computing and up to six hours on one battery charge

    ASUS Power4 Gear provides easy power scheme and setting control, adjusting panel brightness and CPU frequencies to extend battery life to up to six hours. There are eight selectable usage scenarios: super performance, high performance, game, DVD movie, presentation, quiet office, CD audio, and battery saving.

    Multimedia enjoyment

    Altec Lansing® speakers and ASUS Sonic Focus software

    SRS premium surround sound quality with high definition home theater enjoyment

    The ASUS K Series delivers an immersive multimedia experience through its high definition LED panel and Altec Lansing® speakers with SRS premium surround sound. Coupled with ASUS Sonic Focus software, which enhances the clarity, brilliance, depth and warmth of all audio playback for both stereo and multi-speaker environments. It also offers the ability to restore lost detail post-compression into audio formats such as MP3, which largely improves audio fidelity. This creates a more rewarding listening experience. The ASUS K43U can also easily connect to HDMI-compatible TVs, consoles and entertainment systems via its HDMI port.

    High definition connectivity

    Pristine video plus multi-channel digital sound

    HDMI offers single cable support for standard, enhanced, or high definition video and multi-channel digital audio while ensuring data integrity during transfers, offering a smooth pathway for HD content to get from any compatible device to the notebook.

    Ease of use features

    ASUS IceCool Technology

    Keeps palm rests and typing surfaces cooler

    Exclusive dual-sided motherboard design places hot components on the underside and away from users. Combined with heat pipes and vents, palm rests and typing surfaces stay cooler than body temperature, so they feel cool even during the longest computing sessions.

    ASUS Palm Proof technology

    Prevents accidental touchpad input

    Palm Proof technology

    Unique smart detection distinguishes between the contact surfaces of palms and fingers to prevent inadvertent cursor movements during typing, plus Windows® can automatically disable the notebook touchpad when an external USB mouse is connected for a more responsive setup. This feature can be turned on and off by users easily, allowing for increased flexibility.

    Bigger, multi-gesture touchpad

    Easier to use and more precise input, with scroll, rotate, and zoom

    The ASUS K43U uses a big touchpad, measuring 85mm x 50mm to provide the friendliest experience with an attractive look. Multi-touch input allows for effortless and accurate input without a mouse, such as two finger web page scroll, image zoom/rotate, and three finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow is streamlined with gesture control, especially multi-step tasks such as presentations, research and multimedia.

    ASUS SmartLogon

    Easier logons through facial recognition

    ASUS SmartLogon allows secure logins to Windows® with digital face recognition, a safe and convenient alternative to passwords. Facial recognition and detection works in varying light conditions, even in instances when users are wearing headgear. Creating an account with a photo and password is easy, with authorization requiring just one face scan to work.