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    The thinnest 14” panel in ultra slim and light design

    • The thinnest 14" panel in an ultra-slim and light design
    • Powerful 2nd generation Intel® Core™ standard voltage CPUs drive better multitasking and multimedia
    • With DVD SuperMulti Double Layer Drive
    • Battery life extended to 10 hours for all-day, on-the-go computing
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    ASUS U46 notebooks bring highly artistic designs with brandishing highly attractive color schemes, including durable spun aluminum covers and brushed champagne-colored metal. U46 are ultra-portable but highly powerful. Despite being less than 1" thick, these beauties pack standard-voltage 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors that provide incredible performance, Discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics processors with up to 1GB DDR3 VRAM video memory upscale visuals and make detailed gaming possible. Along with unmatched energy efficiency for a battery life of up to ten hours. ASUS has also engineered a special hinge-forward design, allowing for a wider opening angle and easier viewing even in the confines of an aircraft seat. Featuring USB 3.0 and fast USB Charger+ device charging for complete computing that puts carefree usage and enjoyment; U46 notebooks are the perfect travel companions for discerning mobile professionals.

    Stylish artistry

    Under an inch thick

    2011 Red Dot Design Award

    The ultra-thin and light design fits more technology into a compact form factor that’s easy to carry and use. At under an inch thick, these new notebooks bring highly artistic looks and the finest materials. The U46 is the first ASUS notebook using light aluminum alloy with a “spun” finish on its polished surfaces. This makes it very attractive and a stand-out in the market, with gorgeous design motifs and durable damage-resistant construction. It also features an elegant one-piece seamless chiclet keyboard with large and sturdy buttons that make it easy for users to type accurately and comfortably while repelling dust to prevent the accumulation of harmful debris.

    Thin LCD bezel and Hinge-forward design

    Bigger viewing area in a smaller footprint with better viewing angles

    Tailored to everyone from travelers to business people, the U46 features a hinge-forward design for wider viewing angles to accommodate diverse situations, even in very tight quarters. The U46 uses the thinnest 14” notebook panel currently available, measuring a mere 5.5mm. U46 notebooks feature a slim bezel around the screen, reducing weight, improving portability, conserving material and enhancing viewing experiences.

    Ultimate Performance

    Advanced hardware for better computing and graphics

    Powerful 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs

    Standard voltage, uncompromising Core™ i3 and i5 CPUs easily handle more intense multitasking, higher definition and smoother multimedia, plus faster productivity for a portable PC you can rely on in any application. The discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M GPU boosts visual output with native DirectX® 11 compatibility for the latest in graphics, so that everything from HD movies to high-end PC games runs smoothly and in incredible detail.

    Incredible 10 hour battery life

    ASUS Super Hybrid Engine energy saving mode reduces notebook power consumption

    Thanks to ASUS Super Hybrid Engine technology, Coupled with NVIDIA Optimus technology and 8 cell high capacities Li-ion battery, the notebook battery life can be extended for up to 10 hours for true all-day mobile computing! The ASUS super hybrid engine Power4Gear Hybrid battery saving mode intuitively reduces notebook power consumption based on usage for extended battery life. Also with NVIDIA Optimus technology which automatically switches between Intel integrated graphics and NVIDIA’s own graphics chips to optimize the system for intensive graphics processing or low power consumption modes. Experience longer battery life and amazing visuals without having to manually change settings, Watch a HD movie, surf the web or play top 3D games knowing that you’ll get the long battery life you need.

    USB 3.0

    10X faster data transfers and quick-charging of mobile devices

    The U46 features superfast USB 3.0 for the latest in data transfer standards, working up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. Furthermore, for charging of portable devices, a dedicated powered USB 3.0 port with USB Charger+ achieves faster and more energy efficient recharging your smart phones, MP3 players and other portable devices even when the notebook is powered off or in sleep or hibernate modes. Simple, easy and convenient.

    Ease of use features

    Intel Wi-Di support

    Project your notebook PC display to TV wirelessly

    Intel's new WiDi (Wireless Display Interface) technology is now available on U46 series, Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) enables a user to project a notebook PC’s display to a TV wirelessly. The full desktop, including media and productivity applications, are captured and sent to the TV in full HD resolution, using a dedicated WiFi (802.11n) connection. This is great for watching movies or sharing documents or web pages with lots of people. With Intel WiDi, you no longer have to crowd around a small screen to share stuff from your laptop!

    Multi-gesture touchpad

    Scroll, rotate, zoom in/out, all at your fingertips

    Easy and accurate input without a mouse includes two-fingertip web page scrolling and images zoom/rotate, This makes presentations and other complex input operations much easier and more intuitive, and normal desktop use, from online shopping to photo viewing, increasingly hands on and fun.

    ASUS SmartLogon

    Easier Logons through facial recognition

    ASUS SmartLogon is a software utility of ASUS which allows secure login to Windows® with digital face recognition, A secure and convenient alternative to password logins; the ASUS SmartLogon facial recognition feature will learn how to recognize you in varying light conditions, even in instances when you are wearing headgear. Simply create an account with your photo and password and easy authorization with just one look.