Wireless-N150 Router

    • Powerful and wide coverage with 5 dBi antenna.
    • Bandwidth allocation and access control with 4 SSIDs.
    • No more dead spots at home with repeater mode.
    • Easy wireless printing by All-in-One printer server.
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    Powerful and Wide Coverage

    Featuring the 5dBi high-gain antenna, the RT-N10U provides a boosted signal to ensure extended wireless networking range.

    No More Dead Spots

    The universal repeater mode provides the easiest way to extend the Wi-Fi range from any standard of Wi-Fi router.

    4-Network-in-1 (4 Multiple SSIDs)

    Provides up to four wireless networking grades with dynamic bandwidth management. For example, high bandwidth and full access for managers, mid-range settings and privacy controls for staff, and basic internet access for guests. This flexibility makes it the best choice for SOHO wireless networking.

    4-Network-in-1: Provide Extra Networks

    Ez All-in-One Printer Server Application

    Sharing All-in-One Printer functions wirelessly for multiple users simultaneously without buying another printer server.