ASUS S1 Mobile Projector: Transforming Every Classroom into a Great Learning Environment


    Meghshala is a non-governmental organization that is working towards improving education in India, and is helping create more engaging lessons by improving classrooms, teachers’ instructional skills and students’ critical thinking abilities.

    Meghshala creates Teach Kits which feature multimedia-based lessons for classroom use. These contain images, videos and activities that are designed to turn classrooms into active and engaging learning spaces.

    Meghshala paired the ASUS S1 Portable LED Projector with its Teach Kits in the middle of 2016. ASUS S1 is a portable projector with a built-in 6000mAh battery that gives it up to three hours of projection time, making it ideal for use in rural as well as urban areas where power outages are a normal affair. ASUS S1’s small, portable size makes it easy to bring around as well. It also has a powerful speaker and is able to charge other devices via its USB port.

    The problem

    Meghshala aims to help teachers from both government and low income private schools. They often work with schools in rural areas where there is limited power supply.


    ASUS S1 helps teachers fully maximize the potential of Meghshala’s Teach-kits, transforming every classroom into a lively learning environment. “ASUS S1 is the best pico projector in the market. This battery-powered projector gives teachers the ability to conduct lessons even when there is no power in the schools. It also provides clear and bright visuals to deliver lesson content to students. Previously, teachers had to close classroom windows and doors when using other battery-powered projectors. With ASUS S1, the teacher can leave the classroom windows and doors open, making it a more effective learning space for students. Its small and portable size also makes it easy to use and carry around. The built-in speakers and power output via USB – these are essential for our Teach-kit models to work in the best way possible," said a Meghshala spokesperson.

    The product

    The compact ASUS S1 Portable LED Projector features an internal rechargeable battery that delivers up to three hours of projection time. The battery also allows it to serve as a 6000mAh power bank to charge mobile devices. ASUS S1 has a best-in-class short throw ratio that enables it to project 41-inch diagonal images when placed just 1 meter from the screen.