ASUS All-in-One PCs deliver intuitive brain-training solutions from LEDEX


    Founded in 2005, LEDEX Corporation is dedicated to developing brain-training software for dementia and developmental disabilities prevention, and for improving of cognitive function. Working with research organizations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology and National Center for Child Health and Development. LEDEX has developed software such as "Cognitive Function Balancer", "Child Brain Function Balancer" and "Children's brain function balancer Pro”.

    The Opportunity

    The majority users of brain training software are elderly and children, both likely to be unfamiliar with the operation of traditional PCs with keyboard and mouse. To provide intuitive operation and user interface for these groups, LEDEX sought to bundle its software with a smooth-operating touchscreen PC that provides stable operations under possible improper usages from children. Keeping these requirements in mind, LEDEX choose the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2012AUTB.

    The Outcome

    LEDEX products have been deployed to more than 100 rehabilitation facilities, schools, and nursing homes around Japan, and were highly praised. Children and elderly can easily play interactive brain training games through the easy-to-use touch panel to improve their spatial cognition, attention, reaction and language skills. The All-in-One PC comes with a 20-inch LED-backlit display that users can see clearly and built-in speakers with SonicMaster technology for loud, clear sound. ASUS All-in-One PCs have proved reliable, too, with no repair requests from customers since LEDEX started using them.

    The Product

    The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2012AUTB, part of the ET2012 Series, features an AMD Brazos E2-1800 processor and AMD Radeon™ HD 7340 graphics for seamless multi-tasking and outstanding HD-quality images. The 20-inch multi-touch display gives a bright and vibrant image with wide viewing angles, and the LED backlight reduces energy consumption still further, compared to CCFL displays.

    Completely self-contained and measuring just 56mm at its thickest point, the ET2012 is slim and stylish enough to fit comfortably into any home, office or retail environment. The integral VESA mount makes for easy wall mounting, too.