Chilly Vent Lux

    Chilly Vent Lux

    Ultra Cooling at only 25dBA

    CPU Support
    AMD Athlon™64 FX up to FX-57
    AMD Athlon™64 up to 4200+ (AMD Socket 754/939/AM2)
    Fan Speed 2,000 rpm ± 10%
    Material Cu. Base with Nickel Plating + Al. Fin + 2 Heat Pipes
    Ultra Cooling at only 25dBA

    Advantages and Benefits

    Compatible with All AMD K8 Series
    Chilly Vent Lux supports AMD's latest dual-core processor to all the Athlon™ 64 FX series.

    Nickel-copper pipes with Nickel-aluminum fans - Great Heat Dissipation

    Unique & Patented Pending clip design

    High Performance with Heat Pipe Technology
    Soldering heat-pipe technology with “Tunnel” fan frame for maximum cooling efficiency and excellent operating.
    High-density fins with 2-way construction guide cooling airflow to VRM

    Installation Patents
    Compare with average clip by experiment result, Asus clip which applied for an honor in patent bulletin is more efficient in clip snapping.
    Asus clip still hook securely, even in critical shock and vibration.

    Low Acoustics
    Low noise level during high performance operation.

    Light Weight
    At mere 382g, it relieves the motherboard from the stress of accommodating a heavy cooler.

    Our Best Choice
    Compare with average cooler, Asus innovative heat sink design to increase heat dissipation area by 30%.

    30% more enlargement was done in heat sink area than box-cooler