Star Ice Series

    Star Ice Series

    Extend Your Game Time

    CPU Support LGA 775, Socket 478, K7, K8
    Fan speed 1500 ~ 4500 rpm
    Material Copper base / Copper fin with heat-pipes

    Extend Your Game Time


    4-in-1 cooler: Just want to be with you forever, no matter if you upgrade your CPU engine or platform!
    High performance heatsink, pure Copper base with Copper fins and 3 heatpipes
    Side airflow direction, the excellent "cold-in / hot-out" airflow management to stop air circulation
    Optional 2nd fan for extreme performance
    Smart 3-in-1 fan: Matching any kind of gamer's demands
    Unique and fantastic outlook with UV LED lights make your PC attractive!

    4-in-1 Solution for Socket T, Socket 478, K7, K8

    4-in-1 solution for Socket T, Socket 478, K7, K8

    The Star Ice cooler provides 4-in-1 solutions, which is to support high-performance gaming systems based on LGA775, Socket 478, K8 and K7 platforms. The flexibility allows you to change your CPU without to buy another cooler.

    High Performance Gaming Machine
    The heatsink of the Star Ice is made out of copper, an efficient heat conductor, and incorporated three heatpipes to quickly absorb heat away from the CPU. Whatever the system loading is, the gaming cooling machine will guarantee you a reliable and stable system.

    Great "cold-in, hot-out" airflow management
    Motherboard layout is not an issue. With the Smart Clip Set, the Star Ice is always in line with the case ventilation holes, blowing hot air right out of the system. No matter how you over-clock, Star Ice can always cool your CPU and provide you a stable system.

    Smart 3-in-1 fan control
    Star Ice comes with a 3-in-1 smart fan, including the consistent fan speed, manual fan speed control, and auto-detect sensor fan. The automatic mode intelligently adjusts fan speed according to system temperature while the manual mode allows experienced users to achieve more precise fan operation.

    Stylish Outlook and Rich Expansion for DIY Users
    Transparent cover frame with UV LED highlights the cooler's operation inside the system. An optional 2nd back fan can upgrade the cooler with extreme performance. With a system fan speed controller, all DIY users can manually adjust the system fan per system needs.