VR Guard Series

    VR Guard Series

    Extra Cooling for VR

    CPU Support P4 LGA775 all sequences, Pentium D Dual-Core CPU
    Fan speed 2500rpm with PWM
    Material Aluminum fins with 3 copper pipes

    Extra Cooling for VR

    VR Guard first "fan duct" design to focus cool air directly to the VR around CPU. It's definitely a good choice for both overclocking and quiet computing users.

    Advantages and Benefits

    Powerful Cooling Performance:
    High-density fins with 3 copper heat pipes for superior heat dissipation. Support all Intel Pentium® 4 LGA775 and Pentium® D dual-core processors.

    VR Thermal Protection:
    "Innovative Fan Duct" directs cool air to the CPU and VR to reduce temperature by 15~25˚ C and increase VR life for more stable system.

    Why VR Thermal Matters?

    Every 10 °C above 120 °C reduces VR life by 50% . Temperature of over 100 °C could cause capacitors to leak or overheat.

    That's why a good thermal solution makes system more stable and extends components' life.

    VR Guard provides efficient cooling for both the CPU and VR


    Fan grill protects users from injuries and prevents components damages.
    Screw pins ensure strong locking
    Weighs a mere 550g.

    Balance Between Performance and Acoustic:

    VR GUARD with PWM control functions automatically adjusts fan speeds according to CPU temperature. It is ideal for overclocking and quiet computing users.

    Why ASUS?

    ASUS always designs components from the system point of view. VR Guard provides efficient cooling for both CPU and VR. It's ideal for overclocking and quite computing users.

    Test System Configuration: Intel P4 560 (3.6GHz) at temperature 25°C