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    Simplify Everything

    • AMD 760G
    • USB3.0: 10 Times Faster
    • HDMI for Hi-def Enjoyment
    • EPU- Up to 40% Energy Saving
    • asus@vibe - an online Entertainment Content Store
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      No.1 Motherboard

      PCs built by No.1 motherboards experts. ASUS Motherboard is No. 1 in market share worldwide. The most award-winning motherboard with 1,068 Awards in 2010 alone.

      Enhanced Productivity


      Easier system tweaking & greater storage support Mouse-controlled graphical BIOS interface. Support 2.2TB hard drives.

      USB3.0 : 10x Faster Transfer

      Experience lightening speed data transfers at 4.8Gbps with USB 3.0 - the latest standard. USB 3.0 transfers data up to 10X faster than USB 2.0 while remaining fully backward-compatible.


      50% faster charge speed with USB 3.0 ports.Compatible with the latest USB-powered tablets, phones and other devices*
      * Device needs to be compatible with BC1.1 certificate (released on April 15, 2009, by USB Implementers Forum).

      Webstorage-Simpler file sharing

      An virtual data storage space in cloud. Share your pictures, music and movies with 3GB free storage space. With keyword search, you can find the relevant files in no time. Record and upload the important meeting notes with snap shots, and then access them on any devices!

      Visual & Sound

      HDMI for Hi-def Enjoyment

      Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience by connecting to a HD monitor or TV with the HDMI™ port. Maximize your entertainment experience.


      A one-stop pre-installed repository which provides ASUS users with access to a wide variety of content including music, videos, radio stations, games, magazines, e-books, e-learning material, comics, kids and Live TV.


      EPU- Up to 40% Energy Saving

      The exclusive ASUS EPU chip is the world’s first PC energy saving controller, optimizing efficiency by detecting real time CPU loads and saving up to 40% on overall power consumption.

      Quality and Reliability

      2X Life Span

      High-quality components provide utmost durability, improved longevity and enhanced thermal performance.Thanks to top-quality conductive polymer capacitors.

      Q-Fan Quietness Technology

      ASUS Q-Fan technology intelligently adjusts CPU fan speeds according to system loading to ensure quiet, cool and efficient ration