ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    Nova Lite PX24

    Nova Lite PX24

    Ultra Multimedia Performance, Ultimate Entertainment

    The Worlds Smallest Mini PC with Full HD
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      The Worlds Smallest High Definition PC

      Even though the Nova Lite PX24 Mini PC is only 2L in size, it is able to support superior high-definition images of 1080i/1080p output. To create crisp, brilliant, color-true images, the Nova Lite PX24 is equipped with a built-in HDMI/DVI interface to meet your requirement for high-quality images.

      The Worlds Smallest PC with the Smallest Independent Built-in Display Card

      The Nova Lite PX24 utilizes the Intel CPU that co-works with the ATI RV620 display card to not only allow easily handling of digital media files for multitasking requirements, but also to offer excellent audio-visual performances for PC Games.

      Amazingly Quiet and High Performance

      Adopting the exclusive ASUS Tranquiller Technology that integrates an optimized system air flow design, high-quality solid capacitors, the quietest levitation fans and a unique heat dissipation module, the Nova Lite PX24 provides users with ultra quiet 26db operating levels. In addition to the super silent design, the Nova Lite PX24 also provides the high performance of a gaming card.

      Power-saving technology

      The Nova Lite PX24 utilizes an intelligent power-saving technology to adjust the required operating power levels according to different operating conditions V reducing power consumption to one-fourth of traditional desktop PCs. This helps to protect the environment and lower your utility bills.

      Light, Slim, Portable, and Fits into Any Environment with Ease

      Sporting a popular and stylish appearance and equipped with both vertical and horizontal models with touch button interfaces, the light and slim Nova Lite PX24 fits into any space easily. You can place it in the study, bedroom, or living room, integrating with interior furnishings and improving indoor aesthetics.

      Built-in Hi-Fi Speakers for High Quality Audio Enjoyment

      Equipped with embedded Hi-Fi speakers, the Nova Lite PX24 allows you to enjoy high quality music or communications without extra speakers; while the SPDIF digital sound source optical fiber output interface and exclusive Dolby Digital Live /DTS Connect function provides a simple upgrade to your audio and media enjoyment.

      Latest operation system, fully entertainment

      The Nova Lite PX24 also utilizes the latest Microsoft Vista Home Premium operation system V with the Media Center designed specifically for entertainment functions. You can browse photographs, broadcast music and images with ease V allowing you to easily relax and enjoy the best multimedia experiences.