ASUS commercial desktop PCs and supercomputers contribute to Taipei International Flora Expo with superior stability and performance

    When the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo reopened, the amazing technological exhibits in the Pavilion of Dreams became so in demand, admission tickets for a month sold out in one day. The pavilion featured advanced interactive technology that brought unprecedented experiences to audiences. Visual simulation technology presented the wide diversity of Taiwan plant life, offering people realistic immersion and making them feel as though they were one with nature. Visitors could also move freely inside an interactive 360-degree circular theater to view Taipei landmarks and landscapes.

    The Bluephoenix New Media Arts design team, which created the exhibit, used ASUS BM5368 and BM5395 commercial desktops, ESC1000 supercomputers, and ASUS BM5368, BM5395 and A500 commercial desktops, and ESC1000 supercomputers in the development process as well as in the actual running of the showcase. This allowed people to enjoy a beautiful marriage of technology and art, emphasizing the reciprocal and mutual relationship humans have with nature.

    The opportunities

    “We considered imported products, but after a month of strict assessment and a further eight months of field operation tests, we found that ASUS commercial products provided the best performance, stability, and most importantly, service”, said Chen Yong-Da, Director of Bluephoenix New Media Arts. Service was the team’s main consideration when selecting hardware for their exhibit, as the project needed to run reliably in front of a global audience. “Flexibility in meeting the requirements of professional users like us is exactly what we expect, and we find ASUS support and service the most attractive and dependable”, Chen Yong-Da added.

    ASUS provided some 230 products, including high-end BM5368 and BM5395 commercial desktops, ESC1000 supercomputers, and ASUS BM5368, BM5395 and A500 commercial desktops, and ESC1000 supercomputers. These supported complex digital design and rendering operations, alongside data collection and storage, device control, modeling, and high quality audio and video production. The combination of the cutting-edge technology and art provided visitors a unique look at beauty. In addition to providing technology, ASUS formed a special support team dedicated to the smooth running of the exhibit at the Pavilion of Dreams.

    The Outcomes

    To many people, technology and art are two different concepts, running in parallel. However, for ASUS and Bluephoenix New Media Arts they are one and the same. Much of this approach stems from ASUS placing human interaction at the foundation of all product design efforts. ASUS continuous development, innovation, and pursuit of the highest quality helped deliver mind and heart-touching art that gave all who visited the exhibit a truly unforgettable experience.

    The products

    ASUS BM6875 and BM6835 commercial desktops, and the ESC1000 G2 supercomputers, are new generation versions of the BM53 and ESC1000 Series, providing the most reliable and efficient multitasking performance for enterprises and commercial users.

    Powered by 3rd gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors, the BM68 Series performs multiple tasks at once smoothly. Featuring 100% solid state capacitors, its high quality components ensure long lasting durability even under heavy system loads. The ESC1000 G2 supercomputer, based on the Intel® Xeon® E5-1600 processor platform, features an 80 PLUS Gold 1350W power supply and six PCI Express 3.0 expansion slots. It is designed for professional applications, including fluid dynamics, medical research, engineering, scientific research, and financial modeling.