ASUS EeeBox PCs enhance the digital signage experience with Softnetjapan Corporation


    Established in July 1989, the Sofnetjapan Corporation is a company that develops and provides network and data management systems. The company also provides the CYBER PetIT public internet terminals and, since February 2010, offers the CYBER Signage electronic advertising systems. CYBER Signage is a wireless, cloud-enabled digital signage system that does not require cables and servers, and only consists of a low cost, dedicated playback device. While some customers prefer to select their hardware, Sofnetjapan Corporation uses the ASUS EeeBox PC EB 1020/1021 as the default PC to power CYBER Signage, ensuring the best integrated hardware and software solution while saving clients time for choosing the supporting PC by their own.

    The opportunity

    Sofnetjapan Corporation needed a compact computer for their CYBER Signage system and selected the ASUS EeeBox PC EB1020/1021 because it had all the features they need.

    The EeeBox PC EB1020/1021 has wireless IEEE802.11b/g/n LAN to update the messages or data shown on the CYBER Signage display. In terms of performance, the EeeBox PC EB1020/1021 was also “one of the most cost efficient nettop PC in the market.” According to Usui Yasuto, the sales director of Sofnetjapan Corporation. In addition, the EeeBox PC EB1020/1021 has the ability to automatically turn on/ off at specific times, ensuring customer’s digital content is displayed during their opening hours and shut down when it’s not needed, efficiently reducing power consumption – this was a function rarely found in other nettop PCs.

    The Outcome

    One of Sofnetjapan Corporations’ customers, Eye-opt, an optical shop with multiple branches in Saitama Prefecture, use CYBER Signage 40-inch easel stand LCDs with a back-mounted EeeBox PC EB1020/1021. One year on, it continues to work perfectly.

    CYBER Signage has also been used effectively in hospitals, where the EeeBox PC EB1020/1021’s automatic startup capabilities take center stage – ensuring that each signage turns on and off at precise times. Manually switching on and off PCs running each hanging digital signage would be time-consuming; while running it continuously throughout the year would overload the system and was not economically-viable.

    The Product

    The compact, one-liter sized EeeBox PC EB1021 features the AMD® Dual-Core Processor Zacate E-450 processor and integrated AMD® HD 6320 graphics to provide you with Full HD 1080p multimedia content on your LCD display. The EB1021 comes with built-in 802.11n WLAN and an Ethernet connection to keep you connected to the internet. The space-saving design of the EeeBox PC has mounting points that allow it to be attached to the back of a monitor.