ASUS the worry-free choice for top engine manufacturer


    As one of the largest engine producers in the world, Beijing Foton Cumins Engine Co. exemplifies a business corporation on the cutting edge, using the most contemporary tools and systems to achieve more, while leveraging on them to adapt its own thinking and practices to maintain competitiveness in the global market. “Traditional management thinking is being challenged, and enterprises have to consider the new age of technology, and accelerate business innovation to anticipate and adapt to future trends,” says Chen, information manager at Foton Cummins. Lying at the heart of this information transformation is the ASUS BU400, the standard equipment for staff at the company.


    According to Chen, the company has more than 460 laptop configurations, accounting for some 90 per cent of all office equipment. These are used pervasively in the company, the IT backbone supporting whole plant manufacturing systems, IT infrastructure operation, and maintenance terminal operations.

    Over such a broad range of applications, the ASUS BU400 has proven itself to be extremely reliable, versatile and capable.

    Says Chen, “When I am doing word processing or browsing the web or instant messaging, BU400 automatically switches to the integrated graphics card, reducing overall power consumption and extending the battery life. When running a graphics intensive or playing a HD video, it switches to the dedicated display chip mode for added performance: the BU400 is intelligent in dynamically balancing system performance and battery life.”

    For business applications, security is a critical matter and one in which the BU400 shines, in both hardware and software. In the former, the BU400 is the first laptop to be constructed with a carbon fibre shell, which is more robust than conventional plastic and metal, providing greater structural rigidity and several times higher pressure tolerance.

    Chen recalls, “There was a sales meeting and at the end of it, a BU400 laptop belonging to one of the salespersons dropped to the floor. We were all very anxious because it would be catastrophic if the customer data stored in the laptop were lost. As it turned out, the laptop was unscathed, and there was no data loss. The carbon fibre construction had enough impact resistance to successfully protect the sensitive hard drive.

    To protect the contents of the hard drive from shock, the ASUS BU400 is built with three-tier protection around the hard drive, including the use of metal stents around the hard drive to strengthen the surrounding structure, as well as all-round damping sponge to cushion against impacts. On the software front, sensors monitoring the movement of the laptop can anticipate drops and preemptively dock the drive to minimise impact damage.

    Another factor critical for business users, especially sales staff, is the BU400’s long battery life. Says Chen, “Salespeople often make presentations of products to customers, and sometimes there is no external power outlet in the vicinity. From our tests, we found that the BU400 can last through eight hours of battery operation, and up to 12 hours if used with a second extended battery. This is a most practical feature for staff who operate for much of the day away from the office.”


    In order to remain competitive, and for businesses to stay nimble and operate in a fast-paced environment, staff are increasingly empowered by laptop computers, especially the BU400, which has the performance, reliability and resilience demanded by corporate users. Information technology thus utilised can energise a business, through greater collaboration, and tighter integration of processes and resources.

    The Product

    ASUS BU400 is a powerful ultrabook with award-winning design, rigorously tested for long term durability and reliability against such commonplace hazards as drops and spills, surpassing even MIL-STD 810G military standard for ruggedness. To protect vital data, the hard drive is toughened with anti-shock features, while TPM functionality keeps sensitive information from unauthorised access.

    The ASUSPRO BU400 weighs just 1.64kg with proprietary True-comfort keyboard and precision touchpad, and features the latest third-generation Intel Core processors and dedicated Nvidia graphics.