[Notebook/Projector/Monitor] Announcement of ASUS software support end

Valued customer, thank you for your patience and continued supporting ASUS. Because of the rapid technological development, ASUS has discontinued the following software support so that we can focus on supporting newer technologies and great new experiences. ASUS always strives to create the best products and provide the best service satisfaction for customers’ demands. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration will be very much appreciated.



Software NameSoftware TypeLeast Version
ASUS Battery Health ChargingWin32 App1.0.0004
ASUS Battery Health Charging Store App1.0.3.0
ASUS Camera IndicatorWin32 App1.0.0001
ASUS Five In A RowStore App1.2.1.0
ASUS FlipLockWin32 App1.0.23
ASUS FlipLock for UWPStore App1.0.1.0
ASUS FlipLock *Note 1Win32 App1.0.10
ASUS Gaming CenterWin32 App1.0.7
ASUS HiPostWin32 App1.0.8
ASUS Keyboard LockWin32 App1.0.14
ASUS LifeCamStore App2.3.2.8
ASUS Product Registration ProgramWin32 App2.0.0
ASUS Product Registration Program Store App3.0.3.0
ASUS Quick LaunchWin32 App1.0.7
ASUS Quick Launch Store App2.0.4.0
ASUS Smart GestureWin32 App4.0.24
ASUS SplendidWin32 App3.17.0002
ASUS Touchpad HandwritingWin32 App2.0.7
ASUS Touchpad Handwriting with KB PrintingWin32 App2.0.2
ASUS ZenLinkStore App1.0.7.0
ATK Package (ASUS Keyboard Hotkeys)Driver 1.0.0059
Chi Keyboard PowerWin32 App1.1.0
eManualWin32 App1.0.7
Gaming AssistantWin32 App1.0.3
MyASUS-Service CenterStore App3.3.11.0
PixelMaster Video HDRWin32 App1.1.0
Quiet FanWin32 App1.0.6
ScreenPad Adobe Reader SignStore App2.0.3.0
ScreenPad CalculatorStore App2.0.7.0
ScreenPad CalendarStore App2.0.5.0
ScreenPad for SpotifyStore App2.0.6.0
ScreenPad HandwritingStore App2.0.6.0
ScreenPad LauncherStore App2.0.10.0
ScreenPad Music PlayerStore App2.0.3.0
ScreenPad NumkeyStore App2.0.2.0
ScreenPad OfficeStore App2.0.6.0
ScreenPad Online Video PlayerStore App2.0.6.0
ScreenPad Quick KeyStore App2.0.8.0
ScreenPad ToolbarStore App2.0.23.0
USB Charger+Win32 App4.2.2
WinflashWin32 App3.2.10.0
Smart AudioStore App*Note 2
ASUS GIFTBOXStore App3.2.4.0
ICEPowerDriver*Note 3
ICEPowerWin32 App*Note 3
AEGIS IIIWin32 App3.11.16, *Note 3

Note 1: For model TP300LA / TP300LD / TP300LAB / TP300LDB / TP300LJ / Q302LAB / TP300UA / Q302UA / TP501UA / TP501UB.

Note 2: Windows 11 is not supported.

Note 3: Windows 11 22H2 or the later version is not supported.



Software NameSoftware TypeLeast Version
ASUS WiFi ProjectionAndroid and iOS1.0
ASUS ZenBeam GoAndroid20171120



Software NameSoftware TypeLast Version
ZenScreen TouchAndroid2.1.1