AMD EPYC™ 1U server s dvanástimi slotmi pre 2,5" úložisko
  • 12 slotov pre 2,5" úložisko v serveri 1U z neho robia server s najväčšou kapacitou na trhu
  • Široké možnosti rozšírenia úložísk a komunikačných možností
  • Flexibilné úložisko vďaka dvom jednotkám M.2
  • Uvoľnite všetku silu procesora AMD EPYC™
  • Najlepšia a najvyššia pamäťová kapacita a rýchlosť
  • Komplexný softvér pre správu IT infraštruktúry
  • Inteligentný teplotný dizajn pre dokonalú energetickú účinnosť
  • Server Fan Control
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12 x 2.5"drive bays in 1U, the highest capacity storage on the market

RS700A-E9-RS12 fits up to 12 2.5-inch storage drives in a compact 1U form factor. With support for multiple drive configurations, including eight NVMe and four SATA drives, four NVMe and eight SATA drives, or four NVME and eight SAS drives with an optional ASUS PIKE II card, RS700A-E9-RS12 provides storage flexibility for a wide range of applications.

High expandability for storage and communication

RS700A-E9-RS12 provides numerous expansion slots to support additional storage and networking configurations, including a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot for a 4-NVMe adapter card, two PCIe 3.0 x8 slots for ASUS PIKE II HBA/RAID and 2-NVMe adapter cards, and an OCP Mezzanine x16 slot for a high-speed networking card.

Flexible storage with dual M.2

Dual M.2 slots supports either SATA 6Gb/s or PCIe 3.0 x4 with 32Gb/s bandwidth to enable fast data transfers. The OS can be installed on an M.2 SSD, speeding up system load times and eliminating the need to use one of the 2.5-inch storage drive bays.

Release the power of brand new AMD EPYC™ processor

RS700A-E9-RS12 is built on the brand-new AMD EPYC™ platform to deliver incredible server performance. With up to 32 cores per CPU and up to 128 threads in a single 1U server, RS700A-E9-RS12 packs incredible power in minimal space. 32 DIMM slots provide best-in-class memory capacity and bandwidth, and an integrated I/O controller on the processor eliminates the data transfer bottlenecks caused by discrete I/O chipsets for reduced latency and dramatically faster system performance.

Best-in-class memory bandwidth and capacity

RS700A-E9-RS12 supports up to 32 DDR4-2666 DIMMs for up to 4TB of RAM. An integrated I/O controller on the processor eliminates the data transfer bottlenecks caused by discrete I/O chipsets for reduced latency and dramatically faster system performance.

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management Software

RS700A-E9-RS12 features an embedded iKVM module and is bundled with ASUS Control Center software to provide comprehensive in-band and out-of-band management features for small and mid-size businesses:

ASUS Control Center (ACC) is a centralized and integrated IT management platform for monitoring and controlling ASUS commercial products, including servers, workstations and digital signage. ACC enables remote BIOS updates, monitoring of multiple systems via mobile devices, and one-click software updates and dispatching, allowing easier server management for any IT infrastructure.

The embedded ASMB9-iKVM module supports remote BIOS updates, fans control, standalone KVM, video recording, and BSOD capture, providing around-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnostics — even if the operating system is down or offline — through a user-friendly, web-based graphical interface that works with all major browsers.

Smart thermal design for energy efficiency

RS700A-E9-RS12 features ASUS-exclusive thermal radar technology with temperature sensors on front panel and key components such as CPU, NVMe SSD, and OCP cards. This design provides internal and external temperature monitoring and enables dynamic fan curve adjustment, bringing fan power consumption drop by up to 20% and reducing TCO for non-stop operation such as data center.

Server Fan Control

  • Adjust fan curve via BMC (rather than BIOS compared to last generation)
  • Graphic user interface - more user friendly
  • Flexible fan policy
  • No reboot needed after change FAN policy
  • Remote control fan curve
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