Serverová základná doska Intel® Xeon® E formátu ATX s dvoma M.2 a podporou zvuku
  • Poháňaný platformou Intel® Xeon® E
  • 95W CPU a podpora až 64GB pamäte (4 DIMM)
  • Dizajn optimalizovaný pre rack maximalizuje chladenie pre vynikajúcu tepelnú účinnosť
  • Flexibilné možnosti rozšírenia vďaka šiestim natívnym SATA, dvom slotom PCIe Gen3 a dvom slotom PCI predchádzajúcej generácie
  • Duálny Intel® Gigabit Ethernet s podporou funkcie teamingu
  • Dva M.2 pre nezávislé OS disky s RAID 0/1
  • Zabudovaný zvuk pre aplikácie pracovných staníc
  • Podporuje integrované najnovšie 10Gb/s USB 3.1 pre vysokú prenosovú rýchlosť
  • Podpora TPM-M 2.0 pre lepšiu integritu platformy
  • Kompletná správa servera pomocou ASUS Control Center
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Industry-standard ATX server board with multiple expandability options

P11C-X/AUDIO is a server motherboard based on the Intel® Xeon® E platform and Intel® C242 chipset offering dual Intel® Ethernet and flexible expandability with dual M.2, six native SATA 6G, two PCIe, and two PCI slots for legacy devices.

The layout is rack-optimized placement where the CPU and memory are placed in a parallel arrangement directly behind the fan inlet to promote maximum cooling for excellent thermal efficiency.

Industrial-standard ATX with multiple expansions
Dual M.2 for internal and independent OS drives with RAID 0/1 (by SATA mode)

P11C-X/AUDIO comes with dual M.2 support up to 22110-length M.2 drives via PCIe or SATA with auto-switch signal function. In performance-maximizing RAID 0 configurations with dual M.2 SSDs, write speeds are up to 40% faster than a single M.2 SSD drive setup and read operations are an astonishing 84% faster. Or, for total reassurance, pair your M.2 devices into a RAID 1 configuration for instant data redundancy.

Dual M.2 for up to 32Gbps performance and data redundancy
High-speed SAS storage solutions

P11C-X/AUDIO supports ASUS PIKE II 3000 series, the latest enterprise storage solution, featuring support for 12Gb/s SAS storage and integrated RAID data protection. With ASUS PIKE cards, you can immediately improve the storage capacity and performance of P11C-X/AUDIO, making it a great upgrade option.

Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet

With dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet connectors, P11C-X/AUDIO keeps your data moving swiftly and efficiently. With both LAN ports teamed you'll benefit from increased bandwidth for more speed, automated load balancing for smoother data flows, and instant failover if anything goes wrong — so access to your files is always fast, efficient and uninterrupted.

Dual Intel<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> Gigabit Ethernet
TPM-M 2.0 ready

P11C-X/AUDIO supports TPM-M 2.0 with a 14-1 TPM header to securely store keys, digital certificates, passwords and data. It helps to enhance network security, protect digital identities, and ensure platform integrity.

ASUS Control Center

ASUS Control Center (ACC) is a centralized and integrated IT Management platform for monitoring and controlling ASUS commercial products, including servers, workstations and digital signage. ACC enables Remote BIOS updates, monitoring of multiple Systems via mobile devices, and one-click software updates and dispatching, allowing easier server Management for any IT infrastructure.

Learn more about ASUS Control Center

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management
Enhanced serviceability

With its power button located on the front I/O panel, P11C-X/AUDIO is designed to provide easier maintenance and deployment for diverse applications.

Quick initialization guidance

P11C-X/AUDIO provides instant system information during initialization as well as any unusual diagnostic results for more efficient IT operation and easy troubleshooting.

Quick initialization guidance
ASUS ProCool connector

ASUS ProCool is designed without hollow area, this enables lower impedance, facilitates faster heat dissipation, resulting in cooler operating temperature. Reduces power loss and increases cost savings.

ASUS ProCool connector
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