[ProArt Display] Enable HDR color setting under Windows 10 but desktop appears washed out or faded

When your display monitor supports HDR mode, and you enable the HDR color setting under Windows 10 to run the non-HDR content. Then you'll find that the desktop reveals something faded or washed out.

It's a normal phenomena due to the following:
  1. Windows 10 only supports HDR10, so other default mode in some models, such as HDR_HLG, is not supported for Windows usage. HDR_PQ DCI and HDR_PQ 2020 are the right one. (HDR_PQ 2020 should be the exact one).

  2. When Windows enters HDR mode, OS will convert the non-HDR content (such as desktop, common apps) into sRGB mode. Before entering the HDR mode, the icon will look a little bit washed out. More specifically, how it looks depends on the original mode before turning on Windows HDR (in HDR color setting). If sRGB mode is selected, the icon will look similar before and after HDR being turned on.

  3. If you choose Standard mode and BT2020, DCI-P3 is selected before entering HDR, the desktop will also seem "washed out". It's normal as stated above.

  4. We suggest to turn on HDR mode when you have HDR supported content to display, instead of turning it on all the time.

  5. For more details, please refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4040263/windows-10-hdr-advanced-color-settings


       6.  Currently, Microsoft HDR color setting is not supported in Mac OS.