[Phone] What to do if you can’t send/receive messages, or SMSC (Short Message Service Center) number error?

Messages related settings will directly affect to send/receive SMS messages. If you can’t send or receive SMS messages on the phone, please follow the steps below to fix the issue:


Can't receive SMS messages

1. Scrolling down the menu bar from top of the screen and enable Airplane Mode. Then, disable Airplane Mode after about 5 seconds.

2. Check the icon of signal strength on menu bar to make sure the phone has no problem to connect with the phone network.

3. Reboot the phone (clear the running programs on background).

4. Tap“Messages" > "Blocked contacts" to make sure the contact person is not blocked.


Can't send SMS messages

1. Please contact your local telecom service provider to obtain the SMSC number.

2. Please follow the steps below to confirm if the SMSC number is correct or is changed:

  Android 9 / 10: Go to "Settings" > "Network & Internet" > "Call" > "Advanced" > "SMSC settings", select the SIM card which is used for SMS messages.

  Android 8: Go to "Settings" > "Connections" > "Call" > "Advanced" > "SMSC settings" , select the SIM card which is used for SMS messages.