[ProArt Display] Best Practice - How to deal with security problem when installing ASUS ProArt Calibration on a Mac OS device?

MacOS has tightened its security in the recent update,cause the following error message when downloading ASUS ProArt Calibration and installing it:

If you encounter this error message, please follow the below steps to install:

1. Click the list in the upper left corner and select [System Preferences].

2. Click [Security & Privacy].

3. On the security and privacy page, you will see a message that ["ASUS ProArt Calibration" was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer].

Please click [Open Anyway] at the back.

4. Re-install ASUS ProArt Calibration and click [Open] to install it.

* Disclaimer: The screen content of this setting interface is copyrighted by MacOS.