[ProArt Motherboard] CreationFirst - Introduction

Description: :CreationFirst network optimization software allows you to prioritize applications to allocate more bandwidth and speed up the processing of important applications and tasks.

Supported models : ProArt Z490- CREATOR 10G 


1. Download CreationFirst software

2. Install CreationFirst

3. Open CreationFirst and instructions

   3.1 Overview(Dashboard)

   3.2 Network Monitor

   3.3 Network Internet Information

   3.4 Settings

4. Q & A:


1. Download CreationFirst software

How to get (CreationFirst)?

You can get the latest software, manuals, drivers and firmware at the ASUS Download Center. ASUS Download Center

If you need more information about ASUS Download Center, please refer to this LINK:
* How to check the product model: https://www.asus.com/support/Article/565/


Operation Method:  

1. Download the latest utility program corresponding to your graphics card model from the  ASUS Download Center

Enter the model-> click the driver and utility program. (Ex: ProArt Z490-CREATOR 10G )


2. Click on “Driver& Tools”-> Select Operating System 


3. Click ”Utilites”->Download

4. Right-click with your mouse and select "Extract All"


2. Install CreationFirst

2.1 Double-click


2.2 Check the two terms "License terms and Conditions” And “Privacy Policy" then click Install


2.3 Pleases wait while the Setup Wizard installs CreationFirst. This may take several minutes.


2.4 Click Run the application -> Finish


3. Open CreationFirst and instructions

CreationFirst Icon on the desktop, double-click

Red:  1.Dashboard , 2.Network Monitor, 3.Network Information, 4.Settings.

Green is the detailed function.


3.1 Overview(Dashboard)

  1.Network : Five priority network modes can be selected - Adaptive intelligence, CreationFirst, Gaming First , Live Streaming First, Multimedia First

  2.Network Smoothness

  3.Show the immediate Upload speed

  4.Show the immediate Download speed


3. Use software network settings

     1. You can set the order level of the application to apply the network transmission. (EXTREME/HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW)

     2. The software network mode can be customized : Creation Collection, Game, Live Stream,Multimedia,Web, File Transfer, Other

     3. The default network can be customized : Default Network, Ethernet

     4. Block Traffic network


   5.Options : Block traffic, Enable Application Policy, Speed ( where you can enable bandwidth control)


3.2 Network Monitor Top 5 App -> By Application percentage Top 5 App -> By Group percentage Group Traffic -> Download : Use software to classify the total traffic Mb(s) Group Traffic -> Upload : Use software to classify the total traffic Mb(s) Network Traffic : Download - The total traffic of the network port Mb(s) Network Traffic : Upload -The total traffic of the network port Mb(s)


3.3 Network Information

  3.3.1: 1. Graphic shows: Internet connection is successful

  3.3.2  2. Ethernet related status and network information


3.4 Settings

 3.4.1 Performance : Foreground Acceleration, Show Booster Notifications , Booster Download Speed, Auto High Performance Creation, 

Auto-Close Booster Notifications , Extreme Upload for Lower Latency . The function can be switched off or on.


3.4.2 General : Automatically launch on startup , Pop up windows to show closing options, Use the latest profile, Language, Reset all(for General settings), Reset all application policies, Reset all general settings


3.4.3 About : Check software version updates and the product names



4. Q&A :

Q1: How to confirm the connection status of network device?

A1: The device connection status is as the following:

   It has successfully connected to the external network (internet)




            Successfully connected to the external network (internet)

            Successfully connected to AP or router, but unable to connect to the internet ; Please check  the router (AP) in your home can access the Internet.
             Unable to connect to the router and internet ; Please check the router (AP) in your home can access the Internet and Ethernet cable is connected.