The following table shows the supported CPUs for this motherboard

CPU Validated since PCB Validated since BIOS Note
P55C 200MHz Pentium with MMX 1.4 0101

If your motherboard BIOS version number is greater than the BIOS version listed above, then you will not need to flash your BIOS. However, if your BIOS version is smaller than the version listed above, then you will need to select and download the latest BIOS to update your system. We kindly remind you that there is a certain risk level involved in BIOS flashing, please refer to " BIOS Flashing Method ". If you still have doubts, we will strongly advise you to consult with a PC Professional or your PC dealer for further assistance.

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Version 0201

Description C-P55T2D (104537 bytes)
Support IOMEG ZIP 100 boot.
Fix CDROM boot fail if system is SCO and emulate to floppy.
Fix DOS6.22 fdisk.exe size not match with WIN95 OSR2.
Fix Quantum 12GB drive detect as 8GB.
Add USB keyboard 102-Key support.
Fix cannot format 120MB diskette in WIN95-OSR2 when insert 720KB or 1.44MB diskette in drive before WIN95 boot.
Support PS/2 Always Enable in setup for IBM touch screen monitor.
Add PCI IRQ set force to IRQ5/IRQ7 for PCI sound card.
Fix showing incorrect error message in some cases (with error) after screen being scrolled up.
Fix WIN95 OSR2 hang if SCSI First.
Fix IRQ improperly assigned if USB is disabled.
Fix WINNT CD-ROM installation trap. (ahdsk.asm)
File Size 102.09 KBytes update  1997/09/10
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