Recently I have changed my Windows account information. But I have found that when I typed new account, NFC EXPRESS Win8 Login function cannot be used. Only after I changed it into the previously account, this function can be used again. How I can solve this question?

This is a normal phenomenon. Cause NFC EXPRESS Win8 login function has involved in Windows account management mechanism. You can refer the picture below. The account name which user will see is the name in the blue frame on the right side, and this name can be changed by user under the control panel. But Windows needs the account name in the red frame on the left side to login, however, this account name can never be changed. So you can only use the original created Windows account to login. NFC EXPRESS Win8 Login function is not available if you manually change new account to login.

If you have forgotten the original created Windows account information, you can go to our official site to download the latest NFC EXPRESS application (V1.00.13 or later version), choose enter your Windows account by application, then the system will identify the original created account automatically, you just need to type the password to finish the login.