I would like setup my PC automatically boots up by date & time. How do I setup?

1. When you boot up the PC and show ASUS logo on the screen, please press “Del” key.

2. Select “Advanced” sheet --> APM item.

3. Please select “Power On by RTC” item and the item default is “Disabled”.

4. Please change to “Enable” of Power On By RTC item.

5. When you enable “Power On By RTC” item, the Enable item has more 4 options to setup boot up date & time.

RTC Alarm Date (Days): it can setup boot up date by monthly.


-Date: 0~31. The 0(zero) is every day, one is first, two is second, and so on.

-Hour: Setup for 0~24 hours.

-Minute: Setup for Minute.

-Second: Setup for Second.

6. When you setup finished, please press “F10” key to save BIOS setup and will reboot up.

* Please don’t unplug your power cable and turn off your power supply switch (Some models have it.).

Note: Please keep the MB for power standby mode (keep the motherboard LED indicator on) and the MB could follow your setup time to boot up.