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Connecting to Wi-Fi network 

※The screenshot pictures in this manual may be different between different firmware versions.


Turn on/off Wi-Fi

Tap  to turn on Wi-Fi.

To turn it off, tap  icon again


Connecting to Wi-Fi network

1. The device will display all of the networks in range. Choose a wireless network from the list.


2. Enter your password and tap on "Connect".


3. Now connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Connecting to a wireless network with SSID broadcast disabled

1. Tap Add Wi-Fi network.


2. Enter the Network SSID.


3. Tap the Security type that your network is using.


4. Enter the network Password and tap "Save".


Can't connect to Internet through WiFi on android Tablet/Phone

Troubleshoot issues

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If still can’t be solved please contact service center

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